How Controversial 'Jeopardy!' Champion Arthur Chu Finally Lost

After winning 11 times and racking up nearly $300,000 on "Jeopardy!," controversy-magnet Arthur Chu's streak on the game show came to an end Wednesday night.

The 30-year-old insurance compliance officer from Ohio ticked off some "Jeopardy!" fans while delighting others with his unorthodox style of playing, which he based on game theory. Chu jumped around categories hunting for Daily Doubles, sometimes bet as little as $5, and even bet to tie on a Final Jeopardy clue.

"It's a way to keep an edge on my opponents, keep them on their toes instead of making myself predictable," he told CNN.

But game theory couldn't save Chu Wednesday night, when he ran into clues that he simply did not know. He ended up with zero dollars after getting Final Jeopardy wrong. The clue was: "He was the last male monarch who had not previously been Prince of Wales." (The correct response: Who was George VI?)

In an ironic twist, it was a Daily Double that really doomed Chu. In the second round, he found the last Daily Double in the "Philosophy" category. The clue was: "Antisthenes began this -ism with the view that self-interest is the primary motive of human behavior."

Chu made it a true Daily Double and wagered all of his $7,600. He wrongly answered "egoism." (The correct response was "cynicism.")

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With his 11 wins, Chu now ranks third all-time in "Jeopardy!" wins, behind Ken Jennings and David Madden.

"It's been an amazing run," he told The Cleveland Plain Dealer. "This last couple of months has been one of the coolest experiences of my life."

And it's not totally over yet: Chu will participate in the next "Jeopardy!" Tournament of Champions.

Whether you want him to or not.