'Gracepoint' Suspect of the Week: Dial M for Murder?

Adam Greydon Reid as Raymond Connelly in 'Gracepoint'
Adam Greydon Reid as Raymond Connelly in 'Gracepoint'

Warning: This post contains character and storyline spoilers from this week's episode of Gracepoint.

The third installment of Gracepoint, Fox's remake of 2013's British mystery hit Broadchurch, seemingly cleared the name of last week's suspect, Mark Solano, but sullied his reputation as a good husband and family man. It turns out dear old dad was hooking up with hotelier Gemma (Sarah-Jane Potts) on the night of his son's murder, which Solano (Michael Peña) now believes is his "punishment" because "what we did was a terrible mistake." 

We're still on the case and trying to get to the bottom of Danny's murder before Det. Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) and Emmett Carver (David Tennant) "catch whoever did this." Thus, in service to the official hashtag that prods viewers to #SuspectEveryone, we offer Episode 3's S.O.T.W., Raymond Connelly.

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The reluctant psychic/phone company tech (Adam Greydon Reid) — who viewers met last week when he was creeping around the police station installing new lines and trying to peep at crime scene photos on a cop's desk — returned, acted more shady, and made us wonder whether he really sees, err, hears dead people.


Raymond Connelly

Occupation: Linkverse telephone repairman

Relationship to victim: None that we know of. He lives in Pine Bush, a town 40 miles east of Gracepoint, and told the police that he has never met the Solano family. But he is now trying to buddy up to Danny's mom, Beth (Virginia Kull).

Alibi given: So far, the police have not asked for one, as he came to them claiming to have details pertinent to the case.

Why he might be guilty: He's a creeper, plain and simple. He seems twitchy like a liar whenever chatting with the police.

Connelly also lurked silently behind Beth when she snuck out to the cliff trail for air, and he misrepresented himself as a concerned citizen after making possibly fictitious brags about how many whales he'd seen that day. When he announced that Danny had made contact from the great beyond and tried to touch her, Beth's gut reaction was to shut it down immediately, recoil, and run away. He would not take no for an answer — a trait common in stalkers and other criminals — and slipped a note under her door. In desperation, she agreed to hear him out. He had a couple of postmortem missives from her son, including that he was "OK and not in pain" and that he didn't want her to "look for who killed him because he knew this person well, and he doesn't want [her] to be upset." He also reiterated what he told the fuzz about Danny, saying somehow the crime involved water and him being in a boat.

Now one of Carver's working theories is that a boat was used to transport the boy from the crime scene cabin to the other beach, where the doer had attempted to stage a suicide/cliff fall. It is far easier to believe that he has these details because he was somehow involved than it is to swallow that he powwows with the spirit world. Connelly was also caught snooping around a cop's desk and flipping through gruesome corpse pics with little reaction.

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Why he might be innocent: One, he came forward — unprompted — to provide information that he thought might be useful. Bringing attention to himself, a guy who would be pretty far down on the totem pole of suspects, would just be stupid if he had blood on his hands.

Two, he was willing to give DNA samples and fingerprints when Ellie asked during his interview.

Three, maybe he is a legit clairvoyant who really just delivers messages from the grave to living loved ones so that they may find peace. He certainly is buying what he is selling. He adamantly swore he can communicate with corpses with a straight face. "I didn't ask for these, but I do hear them." And although Carver seemed to initially dismiss him as a "crank wasting police time," Raymond's mention of someone forgiving him about a pendant obviously hit a nerve.

He could also be a harmless lookie loo who just wants to feel important and involved in the case, maybe even save the day. As Carver snarled, "Do you know what happens around a murder? A whole industry crops up — groupies, rubberneckers who want a part of it. You're only the first."

What's your call viewers/readers on the "telephone guy who gets messages" — the killer or someone just dying for the spotlight?

Gracepoint airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.