Donald Trump and Steve Wynn's 'Mean and Nasty' Feud Heads to TV

Move over, Hatfields and McCoys — there's another feud coming to television.

Spike TV is producing a limited event series about the bitter, decade-long rivalry between real estate developers Donald Trump and Steve Wynn. Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street Productions and Giant Pirates Entertainment are teaming with Spike on the project.

"The War at the Shore" is based on a book of the same name and will focus on the most ferocious five years of the feud — when Trump and Wynn waged a multibillion-dollar battle over the future of Atlantic City. It's a deeply personal, inside look at their struggle, as the book was written by Wynn's right-hand man at the time, Richard D. "Skip" Bronson.

Like a real-life "Boardwalk Empire," the story has plenty of juicy drama, with shades of corruption, backroom politicking, and all-out warfare (through the media, not with guns).

Bronson talks about the feud on "The Daily Ticker":

In the late '90s, Wynn began developing what would eventually become the Borgata Hotel and Casino. But Trump, then the dominant mogul in Atlantic City, wasn't happy about someone else infringing on his turf.

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"Donald was the dominant casino owner in Atlantic City [at the time] and wasn't keen on having Steve Wynn coming into his sandbox," Bronson said. "There was some bad blood starting off. Sometimes when you get into a big fight, the fight gets bigger than the initial issue, and it got personal. It got mean and nasty."

How mean and nasty? Three examples:

1. They used the media: Trump called Wynn a "disturbed person" with "psychological problems," while Wynn labeled Trump a "cartoon" and a "second-string adolescent."

2. They got personal: After a spat with Trump, his then-girlfriend Marla Maples fled to Wynn's Mirage casino in Las Vegas. He rolled out the red carpet and upgraded her to a fancy suite. Wynn also reportedly mocked Ivana Trump's accent.

3. They fought in court: Wynn filed several lawsuits against Trump over the years, including an antitrust suit over the development of the Atlantic City property.

Now, the two magnates are friends — or, at the least, frenemies. Trump even attended Wynn's wedding in 2011. Guess what happens in Atlantic City, stays in Atlantic City.