All the Details of Debby Ryan's 'Jessie' Wedding Dress

Victoria Leigh Miller
Skai Jackson, Peyton List, Debby Ryan, Chris Galya, Pierson Fode, Kevin Chamberlin, Karan Brar, and Cameron Boyce in 'Jessie'
Skai Jackson, Peyton List, Debby Ryan, Chris Galya, Pierson Fode, Kevin Chamberlin, Karan Brar, and Cameron Boyce in 'Jessie'

Here comes the bride! Disney Channel is throwing a wedding – the first one ever for a major character on the network. In a landmark move for the kid-friendly channel, Debby Ryan's beloved character, Jessie Prescott, is tying the knot with hunky fiancé Brooks (Pierson Fode) on the hit show Jessie. The episode is titled "There Goes the Bride," and it sounds like she's definitely going.

The episode description explains that the quirky nanny has to move her wedding date up to, like, tomorrow, because her future hubby just landed a job in Africa and he has to report to work in two days. Luckily, Jessie has a devoted bridal team that has already hooked up her wedding day look, so at least that part is taken care of.

The four-episode engagement and wedding arc kicked off last month, but Jessie's gorgeous wedding gown has been getting some extra buzz. And it sounds like Ryan had a big say in her character's nuptials gown, which she described as a "fairytale dress." "It's very age appropriate," the 21-year-old actress said in a preview video. "It's modest, it's sweet, it's romantic, and it's traditional. Working with the costume designer on this wedding dress has been a passion of mine."

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Yahoo TV talked to the show's costumer, Jessica Peel Scott, about Jessie's bridal style, and we even found out how you can get the look fit for a Disney princess.

First, Scott told us how she and Ryan decided on the final gown. "It just fit the character so perfectly, and the shape was absolutely beautiful on Debby," she said. "We tried a bunch of dresses and that one, we just both fell in love with it."

The designer revealed that she pulled tons of pictures from magazines before she and Ryan both declared "That's the dress!" After literally sitting down together on the dressing room floor, the two women perused dozens of magazines to come up with the final look, a look that would best represent the woman that the character had become.

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"I just had tons of magazines we were going through, in just thinking about who Jessie was and where she came from and what would be a good in-between of where she started and where she is now as a character, and what would be pretty," Scott told us. "And this one was one of the first ones I picked, and she and I kept going back to it."

The designer said she called up the dress company — JLM Couture — and people there were thrilled to work with the show. But it turns out Jessie wasn't looking to have a totally white wedding. A closer look at the dress shows that it has a hint of color to it. "It's actually a really beautiful blush color, which is really supermodern and kind of what's really hip and happening right now in the bridal stuff," Scott revealed. "We thought that's great, that's a little nod to what's supercurrent, and then the neckline was so pretty and kind of timeless."

Jessie found her dress; wait until you meet her groom. // this Friday! — Debby Ryan/Instagram
Jessie found her dress; wait until you meet her groom. // this Friday! — Debby Ryan/Instagram

And per bridal tradition, Jessie has something old and something new: "a little vintage necklace that we had found, and then of course she has on her giant diamond engagement ring," Scott dished.

The Jessie designer also described the colorful bridal party. (And no, we're not just talking about Luke!) "The girls are in coral colored bridesmaids dresses, and of course, Miss Chesterfield is in an over-the-top suit," she said. The boys donned traditional tuxes.

By the way, if Jessie's dress isn't in your bridal budget, Scott says you can get a similar look with an off-the-shoulder dress with really soft lace. "Hers had a little sleeve to it that was really beautiful, and a great shaped waist," she said of the dress. "It was a little tiny waist and a huge billowy skirt that made it fairytale-like."

As for how it felt to be Ryan's fairy godmother, Scott said it was just like a real wedding. "We had a great time doing it, Debby and I both did, because we did a big try-on of several different dresses and this one, still, as soon as she walked in with it we knew," she said. "And then we had the great fun of trying on headpieces, little floral headpieces, and all the different sized veils, and all of the different lengths of veils, and trimmed veils and untrimmed veils and jewelry. So putting the whole look together took a while, but it was really very fun. And satisfying."

The Jessie wedding episode will air Friday, Oct. 10 at 8:30 p.m. on Disney Channel.