Damon Lindelof Swears He's Not Trolling Twitter

Former "Lost" showrunner Damon Lindelof (Yahoo TV)

Damon Lindelof famously quit Twitter back in October, and months later he's still standing strong as a non-tweeting member of society.

"I had a very unhealthy relationship with Twitter... I loved it way too much," Lindelof told Yahoo TV at the PaleyFest red carpet celebrating the 10-year anniversary of "Lost's" series premiere.

So he's not even trolling a bit? Not even to gauge early buzz for his new show, HBO's "The Leftovers"? "I've been tempted to just go on and, like, look, but I know that that's the one cigarette that if I smoke, I'm buying a pack again. I'm just not... I'm not emotionally ready for it yet." Watch the video to see his full answer:

At the Television Critics Association Press Tour in January, Lindelof revealed that the date he departed Twitter had some numeric significance — which any "Lost" fan can appreciate after obsessing over those numbers for so long.

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“The date I left Twitter did correspond with the date of the Departure," Lindelof revealed, referring to the apocalyptic event that kicks off the story of "The Leftovers." "That felt appropriately pretentious.”

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His final tweet on October 14, 2013, simply said: "After much thought and deliberation, I've decided t."

And now we know we may never get the rest of that sentence... although Lindelof did say he wasn't "emotionally ready" to return yet.

"The Leftovers" premieres Summer 2014 on HBO.

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