Cue Music: The 14 Best Routines of the ‘SYTYCD’ Tour

The "So You Think You Can Dance" nationwide tour (featuring this year's top 10 contestants plus bonus dancers Alan Bersten, Malece Miller, Curtis Holland, and Alexis Juliano) wrapped up this Thanksgiving weekend. Every routine of the 90-minute show was a stunner, of course, but some numbers truly were especially impressive to witness in the (very limber) flesh.

Cue music, and watch them here:

14. "You Really Did It"
How awesome was it that tappers Curtis and Alexis got to go on the tour this year, so that they could rejoin Aaron Turner for this famous tap-trio number from Season 10's "Meet the Top 20" episode? Tapping never looked so cool. And I am sure that tap aficionado Nigel Lythgoe, who was in the audience for the Los Angeles show, loved seeing this again.

13. "Gold Rush"
Runners-up Aaron Turner and Jasmine Harper (my personal picks for Season 10's co-champions) executed 48 moves in a single seven-second breakdown without even breaking a sweat. You may need to rewind and rewatch the video below several times to catch it all.

12. "I Am the Best"
This was my favorite routine of Season 10, when it featured genius allstar and first-time "SYTYCD" choreographer Mark Kanemura. Contestant Tucker Knox had some mighty madcap shoes to fill stepping into Mark's role, and while he didn't quite bring the quirk, this ponytail-pulling number was still a delight. (Side note: I need that lips couch!)

11. The "Bellhop" Routine
This Nappytabs number marked the start of future champs Amy Yakima and Fik-Shun Stegall's domination of Season 10, as the show's Cutest Couple. And there was a total cuteness overload on tour, when they re-donned their brass-buttoned uniforms for another fun roll around the stage.

10. Jasmine Harper's solo
Sex on legs. That is all. Yowza.

9. "Hello, Good Morning"
It felt like a real torch-passing moment in Season 10 when allstar Twitch Boss paired up with little Fik-Shun for this duet. Fik-Shun still seemed like a kid on tour reprising this Luther Brown number next to the towering Aaron, but he was definitely the star of the show this time around.

8. Fik-Shun Stegall's solo
Fik-Shun, a self-trained street performer, sometimes struggled on the show with unfamiliar dance genres, but his solos were always brilliant. His tour solo was no exception. And that rope-climb move at the very end? That was everything.

7. "Blurred Lines"
Jasmine originally did this dynamite number with allstar Marco Germar on Season 10. But surprisingly, tapper Curtis, filling in for Marco, brought just as much swag to the stage. And of course, Jasmine was as exquisitely leggy and funky as ever. You know you want it.

8. Amy Yakima's solo
Amy made a name for herself doing cutesy, happy-go-plucky routines like the "Bellhop" one above…but with her fembotic solo, she proved she has a fabulously freaky-deaky side, too. Whoa.

5. The "Sand Dance"
Originally created by the amazing Christopher Scott for the top 10 guys, this haunting Season 10 finale number was lengthened for the tour, and this time the female dancers got in on the sand action. I am still trying to figure out a) how no one tripped on the slippery, gritty stage, and b) how the stagehands managed to sweep all that sand away in time for the next routine. True professionals, all around.

4. "Puttin' on the Ritz"
What a way to make a grand entrance! The one-take-wonder Nappytabs routine that kicked off the Season 10 live shows proved to be the perfect in-the-aisles partystarter for the "SYTYCD" tour. Super duper, indeed.

3. "Young and Beautiful"
This fountain-of-youth routine by Stacey Tookey, which touched on ageism and lookism in the entertainment business and was danced by females at the peak of their powers, hit close to home. Hopefully the many impressionable young girls in the audience picked up on the dance's message: that true beauty lies within.

2. "Run the World (Girls)"
Who knew Amy could hit so hard? I never thought she could fill allstar Comfort Fedoke's Nikes, but when she teamed up with Jasmine for this biker-babe performance, taking on Comfort's original role, she was actually pretty close to Comfort. These girls ran the tour.

1. The "Dolls in the Attic" Routine
Originally a top 18 number this season, this Tyce Diorio tour de force, set to the soundtrack of Moonrise Kingdom, was pure gorgeousness. Ethereal, slightly creepy, slightly Christmassy, and seemingly set in Miss Havisham's magical attic, this holiday-spirited, Thanksgiving-weekend performance had me feeling thankful that "SYTYCD" exists.

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