'Community' Season 6: A Wedding, Some Babies, But No Gimmicks... Probably

Community Season 6 hasn't even started production yet, but that didn't stop us from trying to get information out of creator Dan Harmon, writer-executive producer Chris McKenna, and stars Gillian Jacobs (Britta Perry) and Jim Rash (Dean Pelton) while they were at Comic-Con.

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They all confirmed that Britta and Jeff's wedding is really off, but might there be another Greendale wedding? Rash has a pretty epic sounding pitch for why Dean Pelton and Jeff Winger should live happily ever after. (Of course.) Harmon's "pitch" was even more ridiculous somehow — Community Babies, anyone? Yahoo does have a lot of computers for CG work...

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Harmon also dished about trying to cut down on the big theme episodes this season (though he later joked in their panel that they're already working on a Pokemon episode), saying he wants to do an homage to the simpler times of Community Season 1 instead. But let's not forget how great Season 1 was! Chicken fingers, the first paintball episode... we'd watch an homage to that any day. Watch our interview above to see what else they teased.

During their Comic-Con panel, Harmon talked more about the show getting a second life on Yahoo Screen: "Wherever the show is, people will find it — especially when it's on Yahoo Screen. It's Season 6 of Community. You'll be watching it the way you've always watched it — only now it's legal."

"I know most of you watch on tiny little screens and now we're on one. F--- you network television! Unless they want us back," star Joel McHale joked. "I had no doubt we would be back. Much like a Japanese general in World War II, the only option was victory or suicide. As I've said a lot, I love the show," McHale added, before proclaiming it "the greatest television show in the history of all media."

And for all the Community fans who've been hashtagging #sixseasonsandamovie, Rash is right there with you. "To maybe see that hashtag become a reality is an amazing thing."

Community Season 6 premieres this fall on Yahoo Screen.