A 'Community' Farewell Tribute to the Many Faces of Yvette Nicole Brown's Shirley

Yvette Nicole Brown as Shirley in 'Community'

Sad news today, Greendale fans: Yvette Nicole Brown is not returning for Community Season 6 on Yahoo Screen due to personal reasons. Her father is sick, and she's stepping away to take care of him. Community creator Dan Harmon and executive producer Chris McKenna commented, saying: "Yvette was an integral part of Community and is irreplaceable. We are sad to see her go and wish her the very best."

Her Jesus-loving, purse-toting, nicety-spouting character Shirley Bennett will not soon be forgotten. Here's a look at the many faces of Shirley, from singer to 8-bit killer.

Shirley, the Jesus lover with a phenomenal voice. And we're not talking about her "sexy" Miss Piggy voice either — any time Shirley sang (about God or just about singing in a parody) it was an instant rewind-and-see-her-in-action-again kind of moment.

The foosball dominating Big Cheddar. Because if anyone could literally beat Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) at his own game, it was her.

The movie reviewer. Here is her take on Pulp Fiction, which she only watched heavily edited on an airplane.

The smack-talker. The usually God-praising mother of three wasn't afraid to go Biblical on your ass if you crossed her.

The 8-bit murderer. Does burning a blacksmith's wife alive and then beating her to absolute death count if it's just your video game doppleganger doing the dirty work?

The inspiration for Motown song-and-dance proposals. And from Theo Huxtable (sorry, Malcolm-Jamal Warner) no less!

The friend. Need an encouraging word, a partner in crime, or just a fist bump? Shirley's your gal.

We love you Shirley, we'll miss you dearly, and we'll save your seat at the table just in case you ever want to visit your Human Being pals. Now once more for old time's sake:

Community Season 6 will premiere in early 2015 on Yahoo Screen.