Comic-Con Exclusive: Check Out the Free 'Sons of Anarchy' R.I.P. Opie Tattoo


It was one of the most heartbreaking developments in "Sons of Anarchy" history, and now SAMCRO fans can honor the late Opie Winston by snagging an exclusive temporary tattoo at San Diego Comic-Con.

Designed by "SOA" makeup artist Tracey Anderson, the intricate tat features Opie (Ryan Hurst) on his bike, with "I Got This" — the last words he uttered before sacrificing himself to some prison thugs for the good of his motorcycle club brothers in Season 5 — and the stylized "Sons of Anarchy" logo beneath him.

"The Opie tattoo reminds me of many aspects of what we loved about his character," Anderson says. "The thing that drew me to this promo shot was the sense of departure. He's on his bike, alone, a brother and determined. I remember when he went Nomad, deciding what his direction was after Donna's death. In the image, he is Nomad again."

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Ryan Hurst as Harry Opie Winston on Sons of Anarchy
Ryan Hurst as Harry Opie Winston on Sons of Anarchy

The temp Opie body art is an example of the kind of painstaking work Anderson, who's been with the series since the first season, does on a regular basis for the cast and guest stars of the FX drama.

"All of our tattoos are rendered at Tinsley Studios. Artist Dick Cherry is responsible for this image being translated into tattoo form. Temporary tattoos are more effective if the details are kept simple, easy to read onscreen," says Anderson. "Dick takes our chosen images and uses a design technique to seemingly bleed the ink into the skin. We also take into consideration the age of the tattoo, actor's skin tone, and color of existing tattoos. When I create a tattoo for a character or group, I gather as much information as I can about their background and under what circumstances they got the tattoo … in prison or a shop."

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Fans attending Comic-Con in San Diego this week can stop by the Fox booth (#4229) to get the R.I.P. Opie tattoo, or look for one of the "SOA" ambassadors who will happily apply Opie memorial body art for them.

Fox Home Entertainment will release the fifth season "SOA" Blu-ray and DVD on August 27, and both sets will include a bonus featurette on Hurst's beloved SAMCRO biker. The official "R.I.P. Opie" Facebook fan page has more than 34,500 likes.

The sixth season of "Sons of Anarchy" premieres on FX on September 10.

Additional reporting by Chrissy Le Nguyen.