Check Out Official Pics of First 'Simpsons' Lego Set

It's now official. Lego and Fox announced Wednesday, not only the toy partnership, but also a special Lego episode of "The Simpsons" slated for May of this year.

The family house set is due out in February; they're also releasing a separate line of 16 minifigures in May to coincide with the episode. The house will retail for $199.99 and the minifigures will go for $3.99 each. A small price to pay for a piece of your childhood and to eventually step on one of the 2x2 pieces in the middle of the night and wake everybody in the house with your yelps of pain.

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This set contains all things that have made the Simpsons the paragon of upstanding family values they are today. There's Bart stealing Lisa's schoolwork, Marge ignoring Maggie with a power drill, the bar of radioactive isotope Homer accidentally brought home with him and, of course, Ned's stolen wheelbarrow.

So they remember Lisa's Jazz Fest poster and Itchy and Scratchy on the TV, but no terrifying Krusty doll in Bart's room? What kind of half-baked playset is this, anyway?

The view from above. Is that camera in Lisa's bathroom for taking selfies?

If you're going to seek Homer's approval, Lisa, maybe try playing a song with more than four notes.

Hopefully, the Mr. Burns minifigure will come with a gun so we can recreate his murder with Maggie, who already seems to be practicing in these pictures.


It would be awesome if every last tool in this shot has a small "Property of Ned Flanders" sticker on it.

Why is Lisa holding a camera instead of a saxophone? Where is our Lego sax?!

Ah, there's the Krusty merch.

The most recognizable couch in human history.

Check out photos of the Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, and Ned minifigurines.