Carrie Underwood Has a Message for 'Sound of Music' Haters

Hey, critics of Carrie Underwood, she doesn't need you. She has Jesus.

After her much-maligned performance as Maria on Thursday night's "Sound of Music Live!" on NBC, Underwood is using Twitter to stand up for herself.

So take that, mean people!

While few bashed Underwood's singing – she's not an "American Idol" winner for nothing – it was her acting that drew the deepest slams, with some urging her to simply "shut her von Trapp."

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Still others, including Cameron Diaz, applauded her efforts, pointing out that setting herself up to be compared to Julie Andrews was a gutsy move and urging people to give her credit for the attempt. Our pals at Yahoo Music second that thought, noting that the 30-year-old has a very limited acting resumé and surrounded herself with Broadway vets and Tony Award winners teeming with experience.

Thankfully, her co-stars are coming to her defense as well. "I caught wind of the fact that people were disparaging Carrie and I thought, 'Why would you do that?' She took on such a huge risk, she performed her little heart out, she sounded amazing, and she worked so hard to open herself up," Laura Benanti, who played the Baroness, told Yahoo TV. "I think people came in wanting to not like her."

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Carrie's "mean people" tweet has also been met with positivity, with appropriate comments like "girl preach it" and "Amen."