Bud's 'Puppy Love' Super Bowl Spot Lays On the Sentiment

A good salesperson need not be a person. Just ask Budweiser.

For years, the beer maker has been using Clydesdale horses in its commercials. And they're nice and all, but they aren't exactly "OMG SO ADORABLE I'M N LUV."

Enter the puppy. Not just an average-looking puppy, though. No, no. A yellow Labrador puppy that is so cute it makes most puppies look like gargoyles atop Notre Dame.

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Budweiser found such a pooch for its new Super Bowl spot, aptly titled "Puppy Love." The 60-second commercial is a kind of sequel to last year's "Brotherhood" spot. This one focuses on the friendship between the dog and the Clydesdales, and features the same actor, Don Jeanes.

And, boy, does it pull out all the stops.

Forlorn look on puppy's face when taken away from Clydesdale buddies by supposed jerk in fancy car? Check.

Idyllic puppy adoption center located in a scenic valley complete with handsome horse trainer whose rugged, flannel-and-baseball-cap-clad exterior belies a sensitive interior? Yup.

Soundtrack featuring mournful "Let Her Go" song by Passenger? You bet your tear ducts!

Want to watch the Big Game ads? Check them out here:

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