'Better Call Saul's' Theme Song: Get a First Listen

His spinoff is still several months away, but Saul Goodman may have just gotten himself an official theme song... and, of course, it’s a catchy little ditty befitting the Breaking Bad barrister.

During the final night of AMC’s Breaking Bad marathon — the network has re-aired the entire series on Sunday nights the past two months — viewers were treated to the debut of “Better Call Saul,” an ode to the solicitor stylings of the man formerly known as Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk).

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Country crooner Junior Brown performs the tune, which was written by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and writer Peter Gould, who created the Saul Goodman character. Sample lyrics:

You drink one drink, two drink, three Long Island iced teas,
But your buddy’s worse off, and he throws you his car keys,
Blue lights are blinking, four o’clock in the morn,
State trooper makes you wish that you’d never been born,
Better call Saul, better call Saul.

You wanna tell the world you’re in love with a girl named Fran,
So you find an overpass and you say it with a spray paint can,
Blue lights start a-blinking, those handcuffs click,
You know who to call, and you better call quick,
Saul, Saul, you better call Saul.
He’ll fight for your rights when your back’s to the wall,
Stick it to the man, justice for all,
You better call Saul.

Brown, best known for his hit song and video “My Wife Thinks You’re Dead,” plays his signature “guit-steel” instrument in the video, in which he’s also surrounded by familiar Saul Goodman items like the Statue of Liberty blow-up figure that topped Saul’s strip-mall office on BB.

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman, Michael McKean as Chuck - Better Call Saul _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC

Better Call Saul, which debuts next February, will travel back to 2002 and unfold the story of what made attorney Jimmy McGill refashion himself as Saul Goodman, the go-to defender of choice for criminals like Gustavo Fring and Walter White.

Gilligan and Gould developed the series, with Gould serving as showrunner and Gilligan directing the pilot. Breaking Bad writers Thomas Schnauz and Gennifer Hutchison will serve as writers and producers on Saul, which will also feature BB alums Bryan Cranston and Michelle MacLaren directing episodes, and Jonathan Banks popping in as his BB character Mike Ehrmantraut.

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Other Bad characters could also make appearances in the new series — don’t we all want to see the beginning of the Gus/Saul relationship? — while Laverne & Shirley star Michael McKean will play Saul’s brother, Chuck McGill.

And we’re assuming there will be some sort of appearance by comedian Lavell Crawford, because if we’re never going to find out what happened to Huell Babineaux after his association with Walt and Jesse, can’t we at least find out how he became entangled with Goodman, et al?

Better Call Saul premieres in February 2015 on AMC.