'All That' Turns 20: 8 Memorable Cameos From the TeenNick Hit


It was all that and a bag of chips! On April 16, 1994, Nickelodeon debuted "All That," a sketch comedy special that opened with a theme song by '90s hip-hop trio TLC and a talented teen cast. Starring Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Katrina Johnson, Angelique Bates, Alisa Reyes, Josh Server, and Lori Beth Denberg, the rotating cast later introduced future big names Nick Cannon, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Amanda Bynes.

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The "All That" pilot was so popular that it spawned a decadelong TV run. The Saturday night staple boasted a cold open, sketch comedy bits, and live music in a kid-friendly "Saturday Night Live" format that introduced us to a slew of recurring characters and sketches: Server's big-eared high school hero Walter the Earboy, Denberg's loud librarian Ms. Hushbaum, lactose intolerant teen superhero Superdude (Thompson), the Spice Boys (that'd be Mumbly, Hairy, Sweaty, and Spice Cube, played by Server, Season 4 newcomer Danny Tamberelli, Cannon, and Thompson, respectively), Bynes's tantrum-throwing Ashley the advice-giver, and Mitchell's clueless fast food worker character, Ed, who proved to be so iconic that he was featured in the 1997 big screen flick "Good Burger."

Watch the "All That" opening:

Of course, "All That" was all about guest stars, too. Like "SNL," musical guests would also perform in the skits, while some other famous faces simply stopped by for an appearance on the super-fly show. In honor of "All That's" 20th anniversary, here's a look at eight of our favorite cameos from the series.

Chris Farley in "Cooking With Randy"

Chocolate was the main ingredient for Thompson's Channel 106B cooking show (his former co-star Mandy, played by Bates, was such a chocoholic that she was sent to a choco rehab), but when comedian Farley stopped by the tween cooking show he was condiment obsessed. Chef Farley whipped up a seven-layer chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse center covered in chocolate icing, and later doused it with… ketchup.


Sherman Hemsley in "Good Burger"

Welcome to Good Burger, who's taking George Jefferson's order? Hemsley stopped by the show's famous fast food joint to critique the home of the good burger, but he apparently overstayed his welcome. "The Jeffersons" star played a newspaper food critic who found a puppy in his burger bag, prompting confused Good Burger manager Mr. Baily to kick that "food cricket" out of the joint.


Britney Spears Runs Into Thelma Stump

The pop superstar had to get past her own sister to see her sister in a 2002 episode of the show, when "All That" regular Jamie Lynn Spears played 84-year-old Thelma Stump, the oldest bodyguard in the business. When the bacon lovin' bodyguard wouldn't let Whitney — er, Britney — backstage to see Jamie Lynn, the older Spears sister said, "OK, Granny, would you like to scrap?" The feisty octogenarian's retort: "You wanna talk the big talk, Blondie? Looks like I have to hit ya baby one more time!"


Justin Timberlake Fails to Impress Thelma Stump

Britney's ex boyfriend, Timberlake, also got the Thelma Stump treatment. After being berated by the grumpy granny, the 'N Sync singer had his drawers dropped before he charmed her with a kiss. Thelma let him into his dressing room, but not before asking him, "Is that the best you've got? Now I know why you're flying solo! You wouldn't happen to have JC's number?"

Timberlake cameo starts at 6:48:


Dr. Joyce Bothers in "Ask Ashley"

How about some real guidance on this show? The popular "Ask Ashley" segment starred Bynes as the "Thaaaat's Me!" advice-giver who was prone to on-air tirades. But when real life psychologist Brothers magically turned up to give Ashley her own piece of advice ("You're a little bit harsh with people," Brothers told the pintsize shrink. "You shout at them, you mock them, you scream in their face"), the good doc became frustrated with Ashley's stinkin' letter writers, too.


Frankie Muniz in "Sugar & Coffee"

Season 7 kicked off with guest star Muniz, who introduced a new cast that included Chelsea Brummet, Jack DeSena, Lisa Foiles, Bryan Hearne, Shane Lyons, Giovonnie Samuels, and Kyle Sullivan. But the "Malcolm in the Middle" star also appeared in the manic sketch "Sugar & Coffee," where he went a little nutty for sugar and caffeine. Cartwheels and backflips ensued!


P. Diddy in "T.R. Yell"

Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, appeared on "All That" and showed off his new act to Carson Daly (played by DeSena) on the MTV spoof segment, "T.R. Yell." The hip-hop mogule introduced his latest discovery, "the newest, youngest piece of talent ever found in the history of rap music." Presenting… L'il Fetus! And yeah, cue up the sonogram.


Melissa Joan Hart Performs Magic

The "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" star worked her magic on Season 7 of the show when she turned geeky newcomer Sullivan into a hunky male model after he begged for a kiss. Yep, that explains it all…