What Makes a Good 'Batman'? Adam West Shares Some Expert Advice

Ed note: We're surfacing this 2014 interview from the Yahoo TV archives in tribute to Adam West, who has died at 88.

What makes a good Batman? We went straight to the source, Adam West. "A good Batman is somebody who has a sense of humor and uses the costume. Just let it work for you, kid," West told Yahoo TV at San Diego Comic-Con.

So is he ever tempted to don his old cape when he comes to fan conventions? "People think that I'm still doing it, 24/7. There are some nights I wear my Bat-jammies, of course, go out, look for some action," he joked, admitting that even with all the Legos and bobbleheads in his likeness, he comes to Comic-Con to interact with his fans. (With some protection provided by his two bodyguards, of course.)

But all his Batman memories aren't completely fond. "I'm amazed at some of the things that we did, that we were talked into doing," West said. "I'm amazed that we would allow Burt Ward as Robin to walk out on a plank with live tigers and then throw more raw meat," West recalled, also remembering a cattle stampede they endured, along with countless car tricks and explosions.

All we have to say: Can Ben Affleck do all that?

West was reunited with his Batman co-stars Burt Ward and Julie Newmar for a panel celebating the complete series DVD and Blu-Ray release (out November 11, 2014) and they were all welcomed with huge applause like the Comic-Con rockstars they are.

Batman The Complete Television Series on Blu-Ray and DVD in November 2014.