A 'Bachelor' Finalist Leaves After a 'Disaster' Fantasy Suite Date

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The fantasy suite has become one of the biggest nudge-nudge jokes on “The Bachelor.” And after this week’s episode, it’ll be an even more eyebrow-raising issue than ever.

In a surprise twist, Andi decided to break up with Juan Pablo and leave St. Lucia after a “nightmare” of a fantasy suite date.

After a seemingly fun outing at a seafood festival, the beautiful prosecutor accepted the bachelor’s offer of a fantasy suite. But while he wakes up the next morning gushing about their conversation and the laughs they shared, she’s not feeling it. At all.

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“The whole night was just a disaster,” Andi grimaces, adding that if he thought it was a great night, he’s basically crazy.

Later, she confronts him before the rose ceremony and calls him out on being self-absorbed. While she knows a lot about him, he knows next to nothing about her.

After multiple eye-rolls and annoyed sighs, Andi tells Juan Pablo she’s over this relationship and angrily departs in a car.

“He doesn’t get it. He never will,” she huffs.

Preach it, sister!

A rundown of Tuesday night’s episode:

Overnight date with Clare

Is it just us, or does Clare remind you of an eager puppy? She’s just so happy to be in St. Lucia, with Juan Pablo, on a boat.

"When I look at Juan Pablo, I see my future husband,” she sighs dreamily.

But there’s a bit of trouble on the horizon: the fantasy suite option. As we all remember, Juan Pablo totally blamed Clare for their nighttime “swim,” even though he enthusiastically went along with it.

This time, Clare wants to be certain that Juan Pablo feels good about this and that it’s respectful to his daughter. Juan Pablo assures her that everything is cool, so Clare accepts the fantasy suite card.

And later that night, before the doors are shut on the cameras, Clare confesses to Juan Pablo that she’s falling in love with him.

Overnight date with Andi

Juan Pablo wants to make sure that Andi isn’t trying to force anything and that she’s being true to her feelings. She assures him that she is.

That becomes very evident after their overnight fantasy suite date. While Juan Pablo is totally content with how the night went, Andi calls it a “nightmare” and a “disaster.”

Andi realizes that Juan Pablo knows nothing about her, because he hasn’t bothered to ask. Plus, he brought up the fact that he’d already gone on his overnight date with Clare. How rude!

“He didn’t really care about who I was,” she says.

She’s so over him. “He’s not the one for me.”

Now it’s just a question of telling him.

Overnight date with Nikki

Nikki shows up for her horseback riding date wearing a pretty skimpy, fringed bikini top, and you can practically see Juan Pablo’s eyes fall out of his head in that cartoon-y way. Boiiiing!

And he can’t stop talking about how hot she is. “Que rico,” he murmurs. (Translation: “How sexy.”)

But Nikki likes how open he is about everything. "I’m a strong person and need someone to match that,” she says. Juan Pablo also believes she could be a good partner for him.

Later that night, when they get to the fantasy suite, she finally tells him what’s been on her mind all week: She loves him!

Confrontation with Andi

After a brief discussion with Chris Harrison, Juan Pablo watches final video messages from the three remaining women. While Nikki and Clare’s are filled with love, Andi merely says she wants to talk to him. Oh boy, it’s never good when a woman says, “We need to talk.”

When the two meet up, Andi eviscerates him. She isn’t in love with him — and never will be. He only ever talks about himself, and never asks anything about her. Does he know her religion, political beliefs, how she wants to raise her kids? That’s a big fat “no”!

Juan Pablo tries to defend himself, but just annoys Andi further by continuing to repeat the phrase, “It’s OK.” He argues that he’s just trying to express that he understands her feelings, but she feels he’s belittling her.

Andi also calls him out for telling her in the fantasy suite that she was his “default" choice. First, Juan Pablo says he never uses that word, and that he really only meant that she "barely" made it to the top three over Renee. Yeah, that’s the way to help a girl feel better!

In the end, Andi is just so over it, and departs in a huff. "It’s not a language barrier,” she says. "He doesn’t see it.”

Watch "The Bachelor" host Chris Harrison dish on former Bachelors:

Rose ceremony

Juan Pablo is definitely knocked back on his heels a bit, and spends time looking gloomy on a balcony.

When Chris Harrison escorts Nikki and Clare into the rose ceremony, the host mentions that Andi is already gone. This shocks Nikki, who is good friends with Andi. WTF is going on?!

Juan Pablo emerges to explain: Andi wasn’t feeling it and she left. He can’t force anyone to feel a certain way about him, and if Nikki and Clare don’t think he’s the one, they shouldn’t accept the rose.

Well, he offers a rose to both, and they both accept. No surprise!

Funnily enough, they end up being the final two by “default.”

"The Bachelor" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.