9 Ways the 'Duck Dynasty' Family Is Conquering the World

“Duck Dynasty” wants to rule every roost.

The A&E reality show has already conquered television — this week's Season 4 premiere shattered ratings records with 11.8 million total viewers. It’s the No. 2-rated original cable series after “The Walking Dead,” and its April season finale even beat “American Idol” in key ratings.

But the Robertsons aren’t just content to rule Hollywood; they’re starting to branch out in other areas, from music to fashion to politics. Here are 9 ways the “Duck Dynasty” family is conquering the world:

1. They’re raking in the big bucks and sticking around

With their popularity growing exponentially, the Robertsons successfully negotiated for a huge salary bump. According to Deadline, the family will now be making $200,000 per episode — a whopping 4 times as much as they earned before. And the deal reportedly includes terms for several more seasons.

2. Fans can read all about it!

The Robertsons don’t merely hunt; they can write, too! Phil’s memoir “Happy, Happy, Happy” and Willie and Korie’s “The Duck Commander Family” are both on the New York Times bestseller list. And the family is putting out three more books this fall.

3. Have a merry little Christmas with the Robertsons

The family is putting out a holiday album, “Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas,” on October 29. Surprised that they can sing? Several of the Robertsons lend their voices to their church choir.

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4. They’re going to sea

Want to get up close and personal with the Robertsons and get a little sun while you’re at it? Join Phil, Willie, Jase, Jep, and Uncle Si on the ultimate family vacation: a cruise from Miami to Cozumel, Mexico. As you sail on the open seas, take a cooking class from Miss Kay and the rest of the Robertson wives. Get ready to fry up some frogs!

Watch the "Duck Dynasty" cast show off their social media skills in this "omg! Insider" clip:

5. Outfit yourself like a Robertson — with camo

“Duck Dynasty” has a merchandising deal with Walmart, which includes everything from apparel to home decor to sporting goods. And since this is the Robertsons we’re talking about, a lot of the stuff features camouflage — like camo bandages!

Even your feet can mimic the Robertsons: Spira Footwear has launched a line of "Duck Dynasty"-inspired running shoes through RocketHub.com (in camo, naturally). The crowdfunded project was part of A&E's "Project Startup" and will donate money to the Wounded Warriors Veterans organization after meeting certain sales goals.

6. Teen girls can model themselves after Sadie

16-year-old daughter Sadie Robertson has become a fan favorite, especially after the episode where she struggled to find a dress she liked and that dad Willie approved of. Now she’s helping other girls in her situation out by teaming up with Sherri Hill to design a line of cute but modest prom dresses! And “Duck Dynasty” will make an improbable appearance at New York Fashion Week next month when Sadie walks the runway in Sherri Hill’s show.

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7. They can act, too!

“Duck Dynasty” is basically a comedy that stars a real family. Now the Robertsons are taking their humor to a scripted show — Uncle Si and Willie will be guest starring on the season premiere of Tim Allen’s ABC sitcom “Last Man Standing” on September 20.

8. Mr. Robertson went to Washington

The White House Correspondents Dinner is usually a glittering affair featuring news anchors and major Hollywood stars decked out in their finest evening wear. This year, the event had a down-home injection, with Willie and wife Korie in attendance. She held her own alongside the likes of Kerry Washington and Claire Danes in a gorgeous champagne satin gown. Willie cleaned up pretty well, too — though he still wore one of his signature bandanas!

9. After dominating entertainment, politics might be next

Hollywood? Pssh, that was easy to conquer. Congress? That might be a little tougher. But if the Robertsons set their minds to something, they do it. Now rumors are swirling that Republicans in Louisiana want Willie to run for a congressional seat held by a retiring politician. If Willie did want to enter politics, he can definitely say he has family values!

"Duck Dynasty" airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on A&E.