6 'Grimm' Revelations From Comic-Con: 'Nick Is Definitely Going to the Dark Side'

Saturday's Comic-Con panel for "Grimm" opened with the last few moments of the season finale — Nick splattered with Baron's green slime and Rosalee, Monroe, and Juliette on the run from zombies. Then a rough cut of a scene shot just a few days ago was screened. In it, the trio manages to shake off the zombies, crash a car, and ultimately able to head for higher (though not necessarily safer) ground.

It looks like the producers (executive producers Todd Milliner, Norberto Barba, Jim Kouf, and David Greenwalt, who joined cast members Claire Coffee, Reggie Lee, Sasha Roiz, Russell Hornsby, Bree Turner, Silas Weir Mitchell, Bitsie Tulloch, and David Giuntoli) are already making good on their promise to bring a lot more action to the third season of "Grimm."

Check out the cast of "Grimm" at Comic-Con:

Good Cops Gone Bad

"Nick is definitely going to the dark side," said Greenwalt. And Kouf teased, "He might get another face full of green spit before this is all over." Giuntoli is excited: "It's very nice to get to be angry." And even though he's seen only the first few scripts, Giuntoli assured the audience, "It's going to be very fun. There's going to be a lot of fighting in the first episode."

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Where Are Rosalee and Monroe Going? 

Said Mitchell, "I know what Jim [Kouf] and David [Greenwalt] told TV Guide, and I got it from Bree who got it from TV Guide." Turner chimed in, "I emailed with the subject line, 'WE'RE GETTING MARRIED????'"

She went on, "It's almost freeing in some sense to know the endgame, in some sense, without knowing exactly how we get there."

What Is Sgt. Woo's First Name?

"Cindy Lou Woo!" insists Tulloch, though the producers refuse to confirm that. Lee himself was equally forceful. "I am campaigning in Season 3 for a first name and a second costume.

Though Roiz generated the most decidedly female screams — his shirtlessness was brought up multiple times, forcing the sheepish admission, "A lot of people have seen my nipples at this point" — it was Lee's character who generated the biggest crowd response, especially when it was revealed that the next season wouldn't be kind to him. Said Kouf, "He's going to suffer greatly and then possibly recover; we're not sure yet."

Multilingualism Abounds

Tulloch asked and responded to a question in Spanish. The rest of the cast was asked if they knew any other languages. Lee speaks Tagalog and "a bit of Mandarin and a bit of Cantonese." Roiz grew up in Montreal, so he speaks French and also Russian: "I think we're going to utilize that [Russian] very soon." (Soviet Wesen?!) Also, Tulloch knows "how to say 'I'm cold, warm me' in Swedish," prompting the moderator to reply, "I'd be happy to."

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Tips for Aspiring Actors

Everybody had words of encouragement for the audience member asking the question, but it was Mitchell who had the best answer. "There was a big turning point for me when I realized you have to enjoy it for its own sake; you have to find joy in the act itself." You won't make it if you do it for money or fame, he contends. "If you're doing it grasping for some other thing, then you're going to run into walls and the walls won't be worth it."

What Do the Keys Unlock?

An audience member, knowing the producers' penchant for secrecy, tried to ask the broadest possible question: Do the keys go to an ultimate weapon, immortality, or something that could upset the balance of humans and Wesen? Milliner's forthcoming response? "The legend is it could be any or all of the above."

Check out all the TV stars at this year's Comic-Con: