17 GIFs of Things 'Futurama' Did Better Than Anyone Else

Of course, what "Futurama" is best known for is coming back from the dead. There have already been three series finales — at the end of the Fox run ("The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"), the end of the direct-to-DVD movie series "Into the Wild Green Yonder," and Wednesday's "Overclockwise". And there's even talk of a future movie or another direct-to-DVD release. But here are 17 things that can be rendered in GIF form.

1. The Best "Fish Out of Water" Metaphor

You'd think shooting a guy 1,000 years into the future would be the ultimate "fish out of water" story. Until the writers sent Fry to a robot mental hospital. Just remember that as bad as your day may be, it could always get worse.

2. The Best Suck-up

The term "yes men" is so '80s, and "sycophant" sounds like a dying pachyderm. We suggest a new term: "zoidberg." Because up is never going to get sucked more than Zoidberg kissing the feet of alternate-universe Zoidberg holding a box containing our universe.

3. The Best Expression of Rampant Consumerism

It's is already a well-known meme on the Internet, but this one moves!

4. The Best All-Purpose Critique

Once you strip away all the curse words and references to "ur mom," this is pretty much every comment on the Internet. If you deleted everything that was basically this GIF, the only thing left online would be a few cat pics and an old GeoCities page devoted to macramé.

5. The Best Female Superhero

Leela striking a blow for feminists everywhere as Clobberella! Also, the best of the many and varied "Futurama" action figures.

6. The Best Expression of the Futility of Life

Humans can be dumb sometimes. Really dumb. If you don't feel this way at least once a week, count yourself lucky.

7. The Best Depiction of War

Go ahead and cram your talk of "Band of Brothers": This is war at its most gruesome.

8. The Best Death

Captured by giant Amazons, the men learn their fate: death by Snu Snu! And broken pelvises.

9. The Best Math

There are a number of math and science degrees around the "Futurama" writers' table. One of the writers, Ken Keeler, actually came up with a proof to solve their brain-swap conundrum. Are you taking notes, "The Big Bang Theory"?

10. The Best Display of Anger/Fear

Don't we all wish we could occasionally spray ink into our predators' faces and crab-walk away with a vivacious "Woop woop woop woop woop woop"? If not, then you've probably never known true fear.

11. The Second-Best Expression of the Futility of Life

Because some days, it feels like you never stop falling down the stairs.

12. The Best Musical Number

Hermes the bureaucrat explains why he loves his job and simultaneously manages to rhyme "girder" and "electric frankfurter." Top that, Sondheim!

13. The Best Demonstration of Realpolitik

We've all sort of suspected that Nixon was never really dead. In the future, it appears that his brand of underhanded tricks works just as well as it did in our time.

14. The Best Deflation

Just when life picks you up and you feel like you've accomplished the impossible, life puts you right back in your place.

15. The Most Loyal Dog

Generally regarded as the finest moment in all of "Futurama," it is also its most heartbreaking. When Fry disappears into the future, his dog, Seymour, waits for him. And waits. And waits. And ... uh, sorry, we're going to need a minute — and a box of tissues.

16. The Best Argument That Love Is a Lie

Love doesn't get any easier in the future. Leela is constantly pursued by the sleazy Zapp Branigan, but she also knows how to deal with his come-ons.

17. The Best Argument That Love Is All We Need

But sometimes it does. Fry's attempts to play the most difficult instrument in the universe, the Holophoner, are flops, but — just like love — the effort makes it worthwhile.

The final episode of "Futurama" airs Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.