'Walking Dead' Season 4 Poster Revealed [Photo]

Nope, you don't have to wait until San Diego Comic-Con to see the new "Walking Dead" Season 4 poster and the awesomeness it promises: Here it is, in full banner proportions, as it will be seen at Comic-Con later this month.

The poster shows zombie-apocalypse survivor leader Rick Grimes (should-be Emmy nominee Andrew Lincoln) with his trusty gun, while fan favorite Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) stands at the ready with his crossbow, horse-riding (where'd that come from?!) heroine Michonne (Danai Gurira) fights off walkers with her katana, and Rick's newest cohort, Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman), appears to be literally hammering away at a pack of the undead.

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The new season premieres in October, and though no specific date for the first episode has been announced yet, TVLine.com reports that there is a title for the premiere episode: "30 Days Without an Accident."

As TVLine points out, that could suggest a time jump between Seasons 3 and 4 and/or could suggest that even with all those Woodbury types joining Rick and friends at the prison, there have been no crises at the camp for 30 days.

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Or, of course, it could refer to something completely different, especially coming from the show that loves to surprise its audience with a death or three on a regular basis.

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