'Utopia' Cows Head Back to the Pasture

·Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Fox's heavily hyped reality series Utopia proved to be less than idyllic for its network. Initially scheduled to run two nights a week for a full year, the show — which sent a group of modern-day pioneers back to the land — left the airwaves for good earlier this month, exiling the remaining members on the titular compound back to actual reality.

At least Utopia's human citizens had homes to return to. That wasn't the case with bovine cast members Besty and Honey, the pair of dairy cows that the producers gave to Utopia's residents. The community's cow population later grew by one when Honey gave birth to li'l Ca$h during the course of filming.

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Rather than send the trio to the factory-like environment of a major dairy farm, producers heeded the advice of Utopia veterinarian Dr. Kerry Milliken and sought a less taxing environment. Their search led them to Farm Sanctuary, a national farm-animal rescue and protection organization with sanctuaries in New York and California. Besty, Honey, and Ca$h will now be wandering the fields and chowing the grass at one of Farm Sanctuary's bucolic locations. That's a particularly happy ending for mother and daughter, as on most dairy farms, they would likely be separated so that Honey's milk could be shipped to supermarkets.

Farm Sanctuary is also welcoming Ca$h to her new home by giving her a new name: Meredith. Getting to live out the rest of your days in natural splendor without a name that sounds like a Wall Street tycoon's personalized license plate? Now that's paradise.