'The Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: Can Katherine Save Her Dying Daughter?

In death, as in life, Katherine Pierce is as selfish as she was over the last five centuries.

Just after her daughter, Nadia, dies of a were-bite, Katherine finally can't outrun her enemies. Stefan plunges the Traveler's knife into Elena's body, expelling Katherine's spirit. But as she prepares to go to the Other Side, she reveals a nasty secret to Bonnie — that she injected Elena's body with a modified, lethal dose of the Maxfield's Ripper virus.

As she tells Bonnie, "If I can't have Stefan, then no one can."

So, this is the end of Katherine, the ultimate survivor? Seems like it. And not only that, karma kicks her in a harsh way, as she doesn't even get to go to the Other Side with Nadia. Instead, she's pulled away by some other force — perhaps hell?

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Here's a rundown of all the relationship drama on this week's "Vampire Diaries":

Katherine and Nadia
Status: Bonding and dying as mother and daughter

We can retire the name "Kelena," since everybody now knows that Katherine has taken over Elena's body. Katherine enlists Dr. Maxfield's help in curing her daughter, who's hallucinating about her centuries-long search for Mommy Dearest. Nadia wants Katherine to leave her behind, but for once, this mother isn't abandoning her daughter. Unfortunately, Stefan kidnaps Nadia back to the mansion, giving Katherine a choice — run, or say goodbye to her daughter (and die herself). Katherine shows up and comforts Nadia in her final moments. After Nadia goes to the other side, Katherine tries to run but finds Damon in her way.

Katherine and Stefan
Status: Unrequited love

Cornered, Katherine doles out snarky goodbyes to everyone — telling Damon and Caroline that she made their lives better. But she saves the best for last, confessing her love to Stefan. They share one last kiss, before Stefan stabs the Traveler's knife into her stomach. Katherine collapses next to her daughter's corpse. Later, she shows up at the church where Bonnie is, and reveals that Maxfield added werewolf venom to his Ripper virus — and that she injected Elena's body with the lethal stuff!

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Katherine is finally ready to depart to the Other Side ... but nothing happens. A confused Bonnie says she doesn't control who goes to the Other Side. "Then who does?" Katherine asks, before furious winds suck her out of the church and into the unknown. Hell would be a fitting comeuppance.

Elena and Damon
Status: Glimmers of a reunion?

As Stefan and Damon wait for Elena to wake up after Katherine leaves her body, the former asks the latter whether he'll be honest about his Ripper spree these past few days. Damon vows to tell her the whole truth — about Aaron, Enzo, etc. When Elena wakes up, she breaks into a big smile when she sees Damon. But it fades when she discovers a syringe in her jacket.

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Caroline and Tyler
Status: Contentious exes

The former lovers have to work together to bring down Katherine, but they're still not on the best of terms. When Tyler babysits a locked-up Damon, he's clearly not over Caroline. Damon is able to taunt him about her hook-up with Klaus and feed on him to escape. After Katherine dies, Tyler and Caroline have a heart-to-heart, and he bitterly notes that she always tries to see the good in people — even monsters like Klaus. She firmly declares she's done feeling guilty. "Get over it, or get out of my life," Caroline tells him.

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Bonnie and Jeremy
Status: Trouble in paradise?

After the whole crew discovers Katherine is inhabiting Elena's body, they need to find her, stat. Bonnie goes to Liv, the Whitmore witch, to do another locator spell. But while Liv has embraced her powers, she also seems to have come out of her shell — and she flirts hard with Jeremy. Looks like Bonnie might have some witchy romantic competition.

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