First Look: 'The Americans' Season 3 Promo

They've survived plenty of personal and professional rough patches already, but it's looking like all-American suburban parents — and secret Soviet spies — Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are in for a major shake-up when The Americans returns for its third season on FX.

In a new promo that's premiering during the Sons of Anarchy finale, it's revealed that the series is picking up in the wake of Soviet Union leader Leonid Brezhnev's death in 1982, which will undoubtedly have major ramifications for the country's espionage agents at home and abroad. No less significantly, 1982 is also the year that Fast Times at Ridgemont High hit theaters and we can totally see their rebellious daughter Paige planning a mission to sneak into her first R-rated movie… although that may be at odds with her newfound Christian faith.

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Joining the core ensemble this season is Frank Langella as Philip and Elizabeth's new KGB handler. He's glimpsed briefly in the promo, as is Annet Mahendru as everyone's favorite triple agent Nina Sergeevna, last seen returning to Moscow facing treason charges. The whole thing is scored to a haunting new version of The Police chestnut, "Every Breath You Take," which lends it more of that early '80s flavor. For the second year in a row, The Americans made AFI's list of the best TV shows on the air — based on this promo, we're betting the series pulls off a hat trick in 2015.

The Americans premieres Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 10 p.m. on FX.