'The Americans' Cast Plays 2 Truths and a Lie: Who Commits Murder? Who's Expecting? And Who Battles a Robot?

The folks behind "The Americans" did their civic duty and delivered the people ... one heckuva premiere. There was a grisly shootout, not one but two oh-my-gosh sex scenes, and, of course, several wig changes — and that was all within the first 20 minutes.

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So we now have great expectations of things to come during Season 2 of the '80s-era drama. When we caught up with the cast members at the New York premiere last week, we asked them about everything from the vibe on the set (Matthew Rhys [Philip] told reporters that they're "a big group of laughers … the word 'focus' comes out of the directors' mouths on occasion") to those premier-episode sex scenes, which Keri Russell (Elizabeth) described as "liberating in a way, maybe because I'm older," adding, "it's not something I've ever done in my career."

We also hit up cast members — and executive producer/show creator Joseph Weisberg — for a game of two truths and a lie about what's ahead for their characters this season. It's a game they were quite serious about, especially Alison Wright (Martha), who was worried that she'd spill the beans.

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"Oh my gosh — that's tricky because I'm going to tell you something I shouldn't tell you," Alison Wright told Yahoo TV.

But they ended up being game, as you'll see from their replies, which are about marital drama, murder, monsters, and more…

Joseph Weisberg

Phillip surfs the net.
Martha fights a robot and loses.
Henry gets Intellivision.





Noah Emmerich (Stan)

Stan has a lot of extramarital sex.
He gets a part-time job as a stripper.
He gets a promotion.



Susan Misner (Sandra)

Sandra catches her husband in bed with another woman.
She gets pregnant.
She finds herself.



Annet Mahendru (Nina)

Nina's heart flutters when she sees this boy.
She looks like a monster — literally.
She kills somebody.



Alison Wright (Martha)

Martha follows "Clark" to his house.
She gets a gun.
She quits her job.



Stan the stripper? "Clark" getting busted by Martha? Nina killing someone?! Fingers crossed these are the truths because they sound pretty juicy. But what do you think is true and what's a lie? Get guessing in the comments below.

"The Americans" airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.