'Scandal' Tweet-cap: Olivia Pope's Life Isn't Just About the President

This was a pretty scary episode of "Scandal." Let's go over the top three most frightening events:

1. Abby telling David "I love you."

2. Huck bringing Olivia coffee — three times!

3. Olivia saying "I don't know."

Olivia Pope doesn't know? Is this some sort of alternate "Scandal" universe, because Olivia Pope always knows?

The question at hand is a tough one: Fitz asks Liv whether she has feelings for Jake. And in his usual slightly creepy, stalker-y way, Jake witnesses her answer on a video: a) It's none of Fitz's business, and b) She just doesn't know. What, was the fake sex that good?

That's nearly as disturbing as learning that Harrison's femme fatale Adnan Salif and Liv's mom, Maya Pope, are in cahoots!

Let's run down this week's episode, shall we?

You don't own me

Fitz and Liv are getting dressed after what seems to be a supersexy romp, as Jake and Secret Service agents overhear their argument from outside.

He's jealous of her faux relationship with Jake, while she points out that he's the one who made Jake part of her life in the first place. Olivia angrily notes that she has to do this to keep working for him.

Now that Andrew Nichols has been put on Fitz's ticket, Mellie confronts him. Just why did he take this on, considering what happened between them all those years ago? Which is... what?

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Flashback! Fourteen years ago, Mellie and Fitz are fighting about a dinner honoring his father. She doesn't want to go because, well, she was recently raped by the man. Fitz does not know this, though. Andrew overhears the entire thing (totally the theme of this episode).

In the present day, Harrison and Adnan wake up from their tryst. She reminds him that insider trading isn't his only crime. What about "Clearwater"? Yeah, what about it, Harrison?!

The gladiators are really getting themselves tangled up in relationships that could be problems for their careers. But the Abby/David thing seems to be getting more and more serious, since she actually says those three little words to him. Really, Abby, we're proud of you!

After their cutesy interlude, though, David gets a call from James, his cohort in Telling the Truth About the Government (TTTATG). James is worried that he might be uncovered as the source of the leaks about Daniel Douglas's death — which is only exacerbated when Cyrus orders him to set up an exclusive interview with the very journalist that James has been leaking information to!

Who has the power?

In his new office as B-613 command, Jake is shocked to get a briefcase full of the highest secrets in the land. Now, Jake realizes just how powerful he's become.

In Vice President Sally Langston's office, Leo welcomes slimy Hollis Doyle, who promises to donate to their campaign if he can name the Energy Secretary. Except Sally can barely acknowledge him — she's practically catatonic.

Also not himself: Huck. As the gladiators are vetting Andrew Nichols, they learn that he may have taken some painkillers without a prescription. With all this going on, Huck decides to fetch Liz a coffee. Like, he's her intern or something. What is going on?

In an apartment somewhere, Charlie and Quinn are canoodling like the messed-up couple they are. He's been tasked to look into Olivia's father, and Quinn offers to help, but he puts her off. We sense a Quinn-trum (a Quinn tantrum) coming on!

In the White House, Mellie asks her maybe-lover Andrew why he's letting these painkiller rumors possibly kill his VP bid. So, we learn more about what really happened in flashback: Turns out, it was Mellie who took those painkillers and Andrew is just protecting her!

Cyrus is still trying to protect Fitz and his own job by putting Charlie on the case of the leaker. Charlie's been surveilling Rowan Pope, but takes off to handle this leaker stuff, leaving Quinn to take over the binoculars. But Olivia spots her and confronts the former associate. "You're not cut out for this," Liv tells Quinn. But Quinn doesn't feel she can go back to the gladiators and even threatens to shoot Olivia to make her leave.

Later, Liv is stewing at home when Jake arrives. He used his "Official Olivia Pope Boyfriend Key" to get in, and announces he wants her to stock her fridge for him, because he wants beer (wine doesn't count) and food (popcorn doesn't count). Oh, and he disrobes to take a shower before they have fake sex.

Plans go awry

James and David meet under a highway overpass (yeah, because that doesn't look shady). James is freaking out again, because Vanessa the reporter wants to meet him in person about his info. David agrees to meet with her, instead.

But, of course, Charlie is tracking Vanessa's phone, and gets the details on their meeting. "Do you want me to handle it?" Charlie asks innocently, as Cy gives him a look of murder.

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Abby and Harrison meet with the source behind Andrew's painkiller story, and learn that he was being paid off. So, just what did happen 14 years ago, hmmm?

Mellie meets with Fitz to make sure he's not planning to take Andrew off the ticket, and volunteers to talk to Olivia about it. He harshly warns her to stay away from Liv, as she sadly wonders what it's like to feel so much for somebody that he'd be willing to throw everything else away.

Flashback time: After the near overdose, Andrew reaches out to Mellie, and she confesses that her father-in-law raped her. But when he tries to reach out to her, she runs off.

The gladiators report back to Liv that Andrew didn't abuse those painkillers — they were prescribed to a woman. Olivia realizes that they were meant for Mellie, and confronts the First Lady herself about having an affair with Andrew. But Mellie snarks back that she and Liv aren't the same, and that she never slept with Andrew.

Flashback: Andrew finds a very sad Mellie, and is ready to comfort her (if you know what we mean). But she rebuffs him.

At the big donor dinner, Cyrus tells James to cancel the interview with Vanessa because he's about to figure out who the leaker is. A frightened James calls David to prevent him from going to the meeting, but someone kidnaps David instead — Abby and Huck! And as they say, he should be thanking them for saving his life!

Got you right where I want you

At the dinner, Adnan Salif introduces herself to Cyrus, who doesn't want anything to do with her … at first. But as she reminds him, she may be dirty, but her money isn't!

Meanwhile, in Jake's office, Quinn is trying to convince him that she can be part of B-613. She proves it by showing him a photo of Rowan meeting with Leo Bergen. How does Jake like them apples?

Over at Gladiators Central, Huck brings Liv... another coffee? Seriously, what is going on? He says it is his way of apologizing for Quinn. But he also tells Liv she went too far — she gave a monster (Huck) someone to love. But monsters only chew up people. "It's what we do," he says.

At the White House, Mellie sees Andrew staring at a portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy. She informs him that Olivia took care of the painkiller story, and he gently asks her about having to deal with her husband's mistress all the time. "What would happen if I were to kiss you right now?" he asks. She initially turns away, but then Mellie latches on him like he's the last man on Earth. They kiss like crazy, until she runs off.

In the Oval Office, Fitz and Olivia have it out again. She needs to take care of herself and her people; he has plenty of others to watch out for him. But all Fitz wants to know is whether she has feelings for Jake.

Somewhere else in D.C., Jake is surprised by a visitor — Fitz's Secret Service agent, Tom. Turns out he's B-613! And Tom has some interesting footage. Jake watches that very conversation between Fitz and Olivia. And Liv's answer? "I don't know," she admits. Score one for Team Jake!

And in yet another room in the capital, Adnan returns to her hotel room. "Long night?" a woman asks. "Are we in?"

Adnan wearily says yes. And her companion turns out to be none other than Maya Pope. Because … just because.

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