'Psych' Delivers a Deliciously Satisfying Series Finale

"Psych" closed down its consulting detective office for good Wednesday night with a series finale that was about as deliciously satisfying as fans could've hoped for.

Shawn (James Roday), en route to join Juliet (Maggie Lawson) in San Francisco, bid farewell to his friends and family in a series of video messages that were both hilarious and heartwarming — especially the one he made for Gus (Dulé Hill).

It made even creator Steve Franks cry, and he wrote the episode.

"I get teared up watching the moment at the end when Shawn is essentially saying goodbye to Gus," he told Yahoo TV. "Of course I know what's coming after that, but I'm just so appreciative of this experience, and to these guys."

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"I can't impart enough how lucky that I was — as producers, all of us — to have two guys at the top of our call sheet that in eight years never caused a delay in production," Franks enthused about Roday and Hill. "And worked so tirelessly; these guys are in almost every scene. Going forward to the next projects that we're doing, I just keep thinking, 'It's never gonna be this good.' To have that level of talent and that level of decency… they're just good people. … These guys took eight years of their lives and carved out half of their time to completely immerse themselves in the project."

The finale also answered some important questions — like whether Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) would find out that Shawn was a phony psychic. In the end, the new SBPD chief just didn't care; he shut down his computer just as Shawn was about to confess the truth. And later enveloped his former nemesis/life coach in the best bro hug in pretty much the history of television.

"It was exactly where it should've been," Omundson told Yahoo TV about Shawn and Lassie's relationship. "And that hug at the end, I loved it. It was perfect."

"The Breakup" also delivered a bombshell of an answer to fans who've wondered for years about the identity of Lassie's mysterious colleague, Officer Dobson — mentioned but never seen in numerous episodes.

Introducing… Val Kilmer, everybody! In the ultimate series finale payoff, we got a cameo from the "Top Gun" star — who, as Shawn's idol, has received more shout-outs in "Psych" than any other '80s icon.

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Kilmer's scene was "the last thing ever shot in the series," Roday revealed. "We came back to shoot that."

So how did they nab the actor?

"It started with Dulé, actually," said Roday. One day, the "West Wing" star's buddy Ben Donenberg, who runs L.A.'s Shakespeare Festival, was lunching with Kilmer, and called Hill after telling the actor, "You know, they mention you all the time on this show. They're huge fans."

"This is the one time in eight seasons where Roday had his phone off," laughed Hill.

Watch Dulé Hill talk about the end of "Psych" on "Arsenio":

But they made it work — and Kilmer didn't even need to fly to the Vancouver set.

Besides Jimmi Simpson's "Yang 3" video montage, Kilmer's scene was "the only thing we've done with a full crew in California," said Franks. "It was this great moment, and Val was awesome, and it was just kind of the perfect quiet way to walk off in the sunset."

"It was great," gushed Roday. "To me, it's just the coolest possible final surprise that we could give our fans ever."

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Another Shawn hero, Billy Zane, also guested in the finale, as did Deon Richmond — "The Cosby Show's" Bud, for whom Gus was often confused. (And he even called Gus "Bud.")

"We kind of got everybody we wanted" to guest, Franks told Yahoo TV, except for Emilio Estevez — the only "Breakfast Club" holdout. "And Martin Sheen — we felt like we were so close, so many times.

"It's always the Estevezes," noted Hill, who costarred with Sheen (née Ramon Estevez) on "The West Wing." "The Estevezes gotta be the holdout. If the Estevezes could've came along, then I think we would've gotten our wish list."

Another wish came true for Shules fans with Shawn's proposal to Juliet — and Gus. (Which included a number of inside jokes, including a shout-out to the pilot's Wienermobile and Gus's Pluto pickup line.)

"It was very emotional, as you can imagine, as you saw," Lawson told Yahoo TV about filming Shawn's proposal. "I kept crying, so makeup had to keep touching up my face."

"I've watched a lot of finales, and I found that they really weren't satisfying," Franks told us about that tear-jerking moment. "How do you close out the show that honors all things that James and Dulé have done, and honors their fans and their expectations and at the same time makes me happy, allows me to wrap it up in the way that I hoped to?"

"Most importantly, I wanted to make sure I kept it open at the end for the inevitable movies that we're gonna make," said the always-optimistic showrunner. "Hopefully."

"And so what's not enough closure and what's too much closure? My goal at the end of this was that I didn't want to kill anybody. I didn't want to change the dynamic in such a way that you felt robbed of everything you'd watched."

"I wanted it to feel like these guys were off having these adventures — just not on television on Wednesday nights."

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"I thought Steve delivered a beautiful script and executed everything perfectly for my perspective," said Roday, who's penned a dozen episodes of "Psych." "There's only one man on the planet Earth who could deliver the 'Psych' finale, and that's the guy who brought it into this world. [He] created all these characters and created the world that they live in. [He] just nailed it."

Each "Psych" episode ends with a "Psych-Out" — usually a blooper reel or scripted gag for fans, and the finale was no different.

But in reality, Hill told Yahoo, "the final Psych-Out would be the tears running down everybody's faces."

You know that's right.