'Orphan Black' Scoop From Comic-Con: The Sci-Fi Drama Returns April 2014 ... With More Clones

"Orphan Black" made its inaugural appearance at Comic-Con 2013 to a full house in one of the San Diego Convention Center's tiniest meeting rooms on Friday. Judging by BBC America sci-fi phenom's exponentially expanding fan base, they need to find some more chairs next year. (We'll start the bidding at 2,000.)

The network also announced a premiere date for Season 2: April 2014. Executive producers John Fawcett and Graeme Mason — who shared the stage with stars Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris, and Dylan Bruce — confirmed that they have been at work in the writers room for the past two months, with shooting to begin at the end of September.

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Some other tidbits sure to delight card-carrying members of the Clone Club:

1. More Clones!

"We do like our wacky little clone show, and we do love our clones. I don't think anybody will be surprised if we unveil a couple new clones in Season 2," Fawcett teased about Sarah's growing family.

2. More Beth?

Although the producers are more interested in "moving forward" than showing flashbacks, Fawcett did confirm that "a Beth episode" is in discussion.

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3. Less Cosima?!

"We don't know what's going to happen to Cosima," Mason told the worried crowd about the brainy scientist, last seen coughing up blood like her deceased dupe Katja. Another fun fact about Cosima: Her character is based on a real person: "a friend of ours who is a science adviser who studies at the University of Minnesota," the producers revealed. Fawcett admitted that Alison is based on his own sister "but she doesn't know that."

4. "Jordan Gavaris Is Felix" ... and He Has Great Pipes

"Orphan Black's" scene stealer was honored with a video mashup of his classic quips. "Do you all band together collectively to find ways to embarrass me?" asked Garvaris, who was also compelled to sing a cover of Taylor Swift's "Sparks Fly."

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5. Tatiana Maslany Uses Music to Get Into Character

"It's all show tunes" for Alison (of course), the actress explained. The clones' other playlists include electro indie (Cosima), the Progeny (Sarah), more of the Progeny plus Tom Waits (Helena), and '90s slow jams (Rachel).

6. Modesty Doesn't Suit Jordan Gavaris and Dylan Bruce

"I'll do whatever you want — I'll go full frontal, rear," Gavaris told the producers during his audition. "I'll be naked as much as you want me to." Bruce may not have campaigned to bare all, but he did admit: "I Googled Paul's rear end." To his surprise, "there were a bunch of rear ends that belonged to me. I called up my mom and said, 'Mom, I made it! She said, 'Son, I'm so proud of you.'"

"Orphan Black" returns to BBC America in April 2014. Mark your calendars now!

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