'Orphan Black' Creators on the Huge Season 2 Finale Twist

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) in 'Orphan Black'

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains storyline and character spoilers from the Season 2 finale of Orphan Black.

It's double the clone trouble on Orphan Black!

In the Season 2 finale, the show dropped another huge twist on viewers — the existence of male clones! Turns out Project Leda had a counterpart, Project Castor, which produced male clones. And we've already met one of them — Mark Rollins (Ari Millen), the violent protégé of Prolethean Henrik Johanssen.

The action-packed finale sees Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) turning herself into the DYAD Institute to see her kidnapped daughter, Kira. Sarah manages to escape after launching a pencil in pro clone Rachel's eye, and she gets help from an unlikely source — Marion Bowles (Michelle Forbes). Marion has a little girl clone that she's raising as a daughter, and shows Sarah a glimpse of what's really going on … a locked-up male clone who is an exact copy of Mark.

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And we get to see a third male clone, a soldier, when Paul (Dylan Bruce) — who turned out to be a military guy planted in DYAD — kidnaps Helena and sends her off in a plane with an unknown destination.

Before Helena is abducted, before Sarah learns the truth about Project Castor, before Cosima faces possible death, all of the sisters get together for one clone-errific dance party.

Yahoo TV chatted with Orphan Black creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett about what the introduction of male clones will mean for the show. Plus, they dished about plans for Felix, if Cosima will survive, and whether we'll see transgender Tony again.

Were the male clones part of the plan all along? Have you been planting clues all this time?
Manson: We certainly were planning it from the end of Season 1. We really liked the idea of expanding the greater conspiracy by revealing the binary side of it. We didn't know who it was going to be, and it was really Ari Millen who earned that role by impressing us with his work in the early part of the season. We liked the idea that the end doubles back to the beginning and that the same face you see threatening Sarah at the front is the same face threatening her at the end.

For a second, we thought it might be Felix, since he and Sarah were raised together by Mrs. S.
Fawcett: Ultimately, I think we thought that was too obvious a choice.

Manson: Also, we have other plans for Felix. There was a lot of fan speculation about that, and of course we talked about it, but in the end, I think our plans for Felix are more important than him being a clone.

Is Ari Millen going to be a co-lead on the show now?
Manson: I wouldn't say that. Tatiana is such a wonderful actor and our nature/nurture side of the experiment — where clones are raised in different environments, so they can be radically different — is really the Project Leda side of the experiment. The Project Castor side of the experiment is military. That suggests to us that they're purpose-made. The military is not as interested in variation. We're not going to ask an actor who's a new clone to do what Tatiana does.

Fawcett: The concept that there are male clones as well is part of the puzzle, is part of the clues that Sarah is following that will ultimately lead us to the answers that everyone wants. Who, why, all those big answers. We feel like that introducing the male clones is just another part of the puzzle.

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What is Mark's deal? Was he planted among the Proletheans by the military?
Manson: He's a runaway. He's AWOL. And we will continue to explore the Mark character, because he is the one that we're invested in, at this point. We are interested in who he is — is he naive? Does he know he's a clone? Does he know about his brothers? Those are kind of questions are really rich, and we'll be getting into those.

He's kind of the flip side of Sarah, then, because she's a runaway, too. She's the clone who got away from DYAD.
Fawcett: We find that interesting, too. It's an interesting correlation — that we've got a couple of rogues. And that the person we saw at the beginning of Season 2 attempt to capture Sarah is now perhaps much different. Perhaps they're on the same side of the coin now.

Let's talk about the other clones, starting with Rachel. Is she dead?
Manson: Don't know. The pencil went in very deep.

Fawcett: At the very least, Rachel has a long recovery ahead of her. We believe she is very damaged, at the very least.

What about Cosima? If you kill her off, the fans may riot!
Manson: I think that this has been a very emotional season, for Cosima and Delphine. Obviously, fans have been on pins and needles waiting to see if Cosima will live. It's been a hard, emotional journey for her. One of the things we like about this episode, even though Cosima's health still hangs in the balance, we've left her with this encoded children's book from Professor Duncan. To us, that represents hope and a ray of light.

Kira (Skyler Wexler) and Cosima (Tatiana Maslany) in 'Orphan Black'

Alison and Donnie's relationship has really turned around. It's been great seeing them be a team.
Manson: We really like starting them off on this foot, that the married suburban couple is back on the same page. On the same page since the first time we've seen them. We think there's a lot of fun and drama to be had with them as a team.

Fawcett: It feels like at the end of this season that Alison and Donnie have gotten back together and re-consummated their marriage over the grave of Dr. Leekie. Not only that but Alison seems to have her addiction in hand and she's not misbehaving in that sense. It's good to leave those two in a strong place.

Manson: So you know something is bound to go terribly wrong.

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Will we ever see Tony again?
Manson: We'd really like to see Tony again. We think Tony can help us with elements of the mystery. We love the character. Tatiana really loves the character. We'd like to see him back, and we'd also like to see how he and Felix are doing.

Speaking of Felix, what are these other plans you have for him?
Fawcett: Felix is our clone BFF. We love to see how he reacts differently with each of the clones, and we like him as Sarah's rock. That role will continue. But Felix also has his own thing going on and I think in the next season, he may be a little more determined to continue to try to live his own life. He's got his own issues with Mrs. S and his own origins and his reasons to protect Kira. Jordan [Gavaris] is such an integral part of the show, so we're always looking for new things to do with Felix and new story arcs and possibly some new reveals.

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany), Felix (Jordan Gavaris), and Kira (Skyer Wexler) in 'Orphan Black'

And will we meet more clones next season?
Manson: Well, you know, like we're fond of saying, we're a clone show. So there is always that possibility.

How much of Season 3 have you planned?
Fawcett: Graeme and I talk about it endlessly. Unfortunately, it's the kind of thing where you want to have a life and do other things besides Orphan Black and do normal people stuff.

Manson: We don't have that.

Fawcett: We like the pace of the show. We like our genre mashup. Our plan for Season 3 is to continue these crazy clone hijinks and to give our audience some answers and some larger questions. And we want to try to make the show smart enough that it's got some social comment rippling underneath it. And just ratchet it up.