'Orange Is the New Black': You Can Throw (and Eat) the Same Pie Crazy Eyes Threw for (and at) Piper

It was an instant Orange Is the New Black classic, that Season 1 scene in which a love-struck Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren tossed her pie at Alex Vause, who was bothering Piper Chapman, the woman Crazy Eyes believed to be her prison wife.

In Season 2, the love is gone, and so is another piece of pie, as Crazy Eyes whips a hunk of blueberry pie at the back of Piper's head.

You don’t throw your pie for (or at) just anybody, especially when it’s good pie. And thanks to OITNB prop master Rachael Weinzimer, we now know where to get really good pie (aside from that Crazy Eyes-themed pie truck Netflix recent deployed), the very same pie Crazy Eyes launched at Alex and Piper: Parisi Bakery, 30-17 Broadway, Astoria (Queens), New York.

"We [considered] both blueberry and cherry, but we ended up using cherry, because it showed up better [on the wardrobe]," Weinzimer tells Yahoo TV of the Season 1 toss. "I went to my local bakery, and I ordered 20 cherry pies. People know me there, so they don't look at me oddly at all."

There's no hint inside the bakery that their sugary treats are used on OITNB, but Weinzimer — who has also worked on Weeds, Nurse Jackie, Blue Bloods, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, and Law & Order — says the proprietors of the "really excellent" pie (as well as great bread and pizza dough, she adds) are aware of where the pastries she buys in bulk end up.

"It's a bakery that I do a lot of business with. I didn't tell them at the time, because I have to keep those things a secret as best as I can," she says. "But after the fact I let them in on it. Once they started watching the show, I let them [know] it was their pie. [But] they don't care much about that stuff. They're just a good old Italian bakery."

Orange Is the New Black Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.