'House of Cards' Season 2 Premiere: Bet You Didn't See THAT Coming

On Tuesday night's "Late Show With David Letterman," Kate Mara may or may not have given away a little too much information about Season 2 of Netlfix's "House of Cards." Caution: you may or may not want to read on as there may or may not be a few spoilers ahead. In reference to her character Zoe Barnes, Mara expressed that she was just happy to be alive and glad that she took a car instead of the subway. More below...

MAJOR spoilers ahead for "House of Cards" Season 2. Seriously, keep reading at your own spoilery risk.

Does "House of Cards" think it's "Game of Thrones" or something with that Season 2 opening episode shocker? Last warning, we're going to come right out and say it ... last chance to move on ...

Frank Underwood freakin' pushed Zoe in front of a train!

She's dead. So dead. And Frank did it. OK, again … it's not like we didn't know Frank was capable of murder, or that the show was capable of killing off a major character (R.I.P. Peter Russo), but still … if you say you saw this major death coming, in this manner, we're gonna have to say we think you might want to check your pants for smoke and flames.

Well, unless you watched the original British series "HoC" is based on. Then you might have had some idea, since that version of Zoe — named Mattie — also met a harsh death when her own Frank (Francis Urquhart in the British drama) threw her off a roof when he discovered she was onto his many misdeeds.

Such a development so early in the season begs the question: Is it OK to be talking about it? Presumably, a lot of people who plan to watch Season 2 have already seen the episode, but with these Netflix full-season releases, the rules remain unclear.

See what the "HoC" cast had to say about politics and death:

President Obama tweeted a plea to his fellow "HoC" fans not to share spoilers this weekend. And Netflix, the very source enabling us to binge-watch and feel the compulsion to share our feelings with the group, even launched "Spoiler Foiler," a tool which aids Twitter users in keeping their timelines spoiler-free.

But, it's so huge … don't you want to talk about Zoe's death? Don't you want to ask if your fellow "Cards" fans are sad or glad she's gone? Don't you want to discuss how you sort of don't believe it was possible that there were no cameras in the subway station that would have caught even a sliver of an angle in which Frank might have been visible?

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And don't you want to guiltily admit that, while old F.U. might have taken his sociopathic behavior (assuming you think he's a sociopath, which some fans don't) to a crazy new level, you also sorta kinda have a new respect for just what a badass he is? The man is committed to his agenda. Or should be committed … another possible discussion point.

Oh, and what about Claire, Mrs. Underwood, and that chilly, seemingly innocuous pillow talk she and Francis had about something, and then that something turned out to be a little thing called murder?

Also, what will this mean for Frank going forward? Zoe's reporter pal Janine and boyfriend Lucas knew of all her suspicions about Frank, and they're not going to let the matter drop. And maybe there is some evidence we don't know about; in the British series, when Francis throws Mattie off the roof, he's unaware she has been stealthily recording their conversations. And he doesn't know that, after her body hits a van below, an unknown person snags her tape recorder.

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Of course, we've only watched the first four episodes of Season 2 so far, so for those who've already watched all 13, maybe you know something about the Zoe murder and its fallout that we don't.

Just do us a favor … don't spoil anything, OK?

"House of Cards" Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix.