'Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls' GIF-cap: Who's Hungry for Stink Bugs and Frozen Goat?

With only four teams left, "Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls" is heating up! But even though the competition was smokin', the game itself was cold as ice. The episode "Frozen Planet" saw the teams traversing a glacier and eating stinkbugs to stay alive!

The teams had to brave a harrowing helicopter ride and walk across a glacier before having to retrieve their dinner (a frozen mountain goat carcass) from a deep crevasse in the ice. One false move and either Jeff or the goat could have fallen.

Goat actually sounded good to the protein-starved contestants. But first, they had to choke down their insect appetizer: stink bugs! Madeline and the others were not amused.


Even Bear didn't look like he enjoyed the taste of those biting, pinching, stinky bugs. And this is a guy who gleefully drinks his own urine!

For this week's survival test, the contestants had to make a hoist to recover a child-size bag, rappel down a cliff, and pull up the "child." Jeff almost bites the dust, nearly falling into a steep ravine. To be fair, he does have a bad knee injury.

Lucky and Louie win the survival test and a trip to the feast pit. They find a Mexican fiesta waiting for them, along with a generous supply of Charmin. Louie's spontaneous toilet-paper dance was hilarious! We guess she really misses the "squeezably" soft stuff in the wild.

At elimination time, Madeline and Ryan are booted. Madeline freaked out in the helicopter, didn't help with carrying the goat, and failed to build a fire. The whole episode, whenever something needed to be done, Madeline foisted responsibility onto her hubby-to-be.

Adios, Ryan and Madeline. You fought hard, but not hard enough.

Only one episode left! Which team do you think is going to take home the $500,000 prize? Sound off in the comments below.

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