'Game of Thrones' First Look: Come Fly With Daenerys and Her Dragon

With just over a month until the Season 4 premiere of "Game of Thrones" on April 6, HBO has started amping up its teaser trailer/clip/poster game — a favorite time of year for "Thrones" fans like us.

Today's treat is the unveiling of this season's new character posters, and Yahoo TV is very pleased to present your first look at Daenerys Targaryen, her trusted advisor and companion Jorah Mormont, along with a brief-but-intriguing video clip, above, that basically puts you on the wings of a dragon.

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How will the relationship between Dany and Jorah change now that Daario's influence over the would-be queen has grown? And speaking of growing, what do you feed dragons whose appetites have evolved?

Jorah addresses the subject in the teaser video saying, "Your dragons, Khaleesi, they can never be tamed. Not even by their mother."

Lesson learned here: Winter is coming, always, but so are dragons.

So here is Dany, our Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons, deep in thought. What do you think she is thinking about? Or who? She doesn't seem particularly distressed or compromised emotionally in any way, so perhaps she is contemplating her next move in her quest for the Iron Throne.

And what about Ser Jorah? Comparatively, his face does not have the same quiet and contemplative calm of his Khaleesi. What have you done, Jorah? Or what are you doing? Is that a look of determined focus on the task at hand (protecting Dany) or one of preparation, getting ready to face an enemy or threat? Perhaps he is thinking about some other unsettling thing or potentially damaging discussion?

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We'll have to wait for the fourth season to unfold to get full answers to these questions. Meanwhile, keep your eyes out for the rest of the character posters set to be unveiled today, and make sure to set your DVR and/or organize a screening party for the "Game of Thrones" Season 4 premiere on April 6.