'Fargo' Trailer: Blood, Guns, and Minnesota Accents (But No Wood-Chipper)

FX has released the first full trailer for its new ten-episode drama, "Fargo" (debuting April 15), based on the Coen brothers' 1996 indie-film masterpiece. And as one of the characters might say, it looks like a real doozy.

It tells a different story with different characters than the original film (we haven't seen any sign of a wood-chipper yet), but the pitch-black comedic tone and the Minnesota-nice accents are here in full effect.

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Some of the highlights we can't wait to see more of:

* A downtrodden Martin Freeman ("Sherlock," "The Hobbit") in William H. Macy mode, nursing a bloody nose and moaning, "What a day."

* A frightening Billy Bob Thornton, ominously telling the Freeman character: "If that was me, I would have killed that man."

* A mustached Bob Odenkirk ("Breaking Bad") as a Minnesota cop who gets nauseous at a crime scene: "Wife made spaghetti for dinner. Seemed a shame to barf it up."

* A glammed-up Kate Walsh (looking much different than we remember on "Grey's Anatomy") as a grieving widow, first declaring she's so happy her husband is dead, she'll sing at his funeral, then collapsing in tears. (She seems fun!)

* Colin Hanks as another cop, bewildered by the bloody events unfolding before his eyes: "It's a bit strange, huh?"

* Newcomer Allison Tolman in what looks to be a Frances McDormand-type role, theorizing that this whole mess could be "an organized crime thing?"

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* A clever nod to the Coens' "Raising Arizona," with a crook wearing pantyhose on his head knocking off a convenience store… before Adam Goldberg puts a bullet in him, that is.

* Freeman cowering and pleading with his hands in the air, "I didn't do nothing! I just got home!" (Why do we have the sneaking suspicion he's not being completely truthful?)

We were skeptical about a TV series doing justice to the genius of "Fargo." But so far, we're sold. Are you?

"Fargo" premieres Tuesday, April 15 at 10 p.m. on FX.