'Fargo' First Look: What Will the Coen Brothers' Cult Classic Look Like on FX?

The Coen brothers are coming to TV, bringing their 1996 Oscar nominated cult classic "Fargo" to FX, and we've got a first look at how the Minnesota niceness will translate to the small screen.

Does it look as awesome as we'd hoped? You're darned tootin'.

FX has said that the 10-episode series will feature new characters and a new crime story, although Martin Freeman's character (seen above) is loosely based on William H. Macy's role in the movie ... it looks like he gets a little more physical though.

And while we'll miss Frances McDormand's Marge Gunderson, we can't wait to hear Deputy Molly Solverson's (Allison Tolman) accent and attitude as she investigates the crime coming to Bemidji, don'tcha know.

Speaking of Bemidji, Minn., it is a real city, which they'll almost certainly draw from a bit like they did with Brainerd in the film. A nod to the fact that it's apparently the curling capital of the U.S. would be epic. Just sayin'.

"Fargo" premieres Spring 2014 on FX.