'24: Live Another Day' Recap: The Saddest '24' Death Yet

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SPOILER ALERT: The recap for the "Day 9: 1:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m." episode of "24: Live Another Day" contains storyline and character spoilers.

Oh, Chloe. You knew there was some sort of big story behind her new allegiance to hacker Adrian Cross and the transformative power of eyeliner, but in the history of truly tragic "24" events, this one rivals everything Jack Bauer has experienced.

After the sight of a young boy walking with his parents distracts Chloe, Jack's former CTU cohort reveals what made her join Cross's Open Cell group. Chloe's son, Prescott, and her husband, Morris, were killed in a hit-and-run car accident, and Chloe believes she was the intended victim, targeted by individuals who knew that she knew what happened on the day Jack disappeared four years earlier (i.e. the "24" series finale).

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Jack hugs his friend when she shares her crushing story with him — again, he's racked up his own share of losses thanks to his job — and then quickly switches back to Jack Attack mode. "You can't bring back the ones you love, trust me," he tells Chloe. "But you can honor their lives by helping others. It's the only way forward."

Is Mr. Bauer being sincere there? Does he, after learning what his friend has lost, possibly because of her involvement with him, left so stunned he doesn't know what else to say? Or is Jack, laser-focused on his current mission, trying to ensure Chloe continues to help him?

The Following Also Takes Place Between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Jack and Chloe track Yates and Simone to the London bar where they escaped after fleeing Basher's drug den, but Jack discovers Yates's dead body in the bar's bathroom, and Chloe's grieving moment allows Simone to get away with Yates's drone attack device and head back to mama Margot's hideaway.

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Kate and the skeptical Erik, meanwhile, are questioning Basher and his minions when CIA London honcho Navarro orders them to free the men and leave the premises. They do… with Basher, who Kate was sure had more useful intel, thrown in the back seat of their car. The drug lord is unwilling to offer up any scoop, though, until Kate drives him to the headquarters of a rival drug gang, whose members are about to pounce on him when he gets chatty. All he knows, he claims, is that Yates was working for someone else, and the project involved drones and a man named Tanner (the scapegoat accused of aiming a drone at his commanding officer).

The Hellers

As President Heller prepares to face a gathering of the British Parliament to address the drone attack that killed two British officers, his daughter Audrey visits him to question whether the meeting is truly a good idea. Heller, despite earlier memory blips caused by his Alzheimer's-like illness, insists he's going forward with his plan, and turns the tables on Audrey: How is her relationship with hubby Mark, who's also the President's Chief of Staff? Fine, fine, says Audrey, in a way that makes it clear it's so not.

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Later, she confronts her hubs and tells Mark he's too controlling. And she doesn't even know that he's not only keeping info about Jack's presence in London from her, but that he also forged the POTUS's signature on documents that will send Jack into the custody of the Russian government when — huh, if — the CIA recaptures Jack.

The Yorkshire Widow

Chloe does continue working with Jack, and after discovering Simone's ties to "Yorkshire Widow" Margot, the two of them head back to Open Cell headquarters, where Adrian Cross forces Jack to politely ask for his help. Jack needs proof Tanner was framed for the drone attack, so he can deliver the info to Heller and offer a warning that Margot and company are planning further attacks that could mean tens of thousands of deaths. Cross reluctantly agrees to help, but, unbeknownst to Jack or Chloe, plants a red flag in Jack's U.S. embassy security clearance documents, ensuring J.B. will be stopped when he tries to gain entry to contact Heller.

And that's exactly what happens. Jack's flagged at the security station, and the only way he can escape is to knock out a guard, steal his gun, open fire into the ground, and cause a stampede among the crowd that's protesting Heller's drones outside the embassy.

Bauer Bits:

* Jack's fake name for his fake embassy security clearance ID: Ron Fairbanks.

* Since the whole season takes place across one day, President Heller's illness isn't likely to progress… unless there's some sort of incredibly stressful event that causes a physical change. A very stressful situation like, say, being shouted at by a gathering of angry British politicians? That Mark Boudreau is definitely a sneaky one, but Audrey was being unreasonable when she chastised him for badgering Heller while prepping him for the Parliament session. He was dead-on in his prediction of how harsh the Q&A would be, and, from Heller's deer-in-the-headlights reaction, just how woefully prepared the POTUS was to deal with it.

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* Upping the creepiness factor on the Al-Hazari fam (Margot, Simone, etc.): Margot has both her son and daughter working with her on her plans to spark a world war, meaning she encouraged her married daughter to sleep with Yates as part of her cover. Margot even reprimanded her son-in-law for being upset with his wife for her undercover dalliance, and revealed that her (now dead) husband had learned to deal with her own extracurricular activities.

* The full story on Margot's background: She radicalized after marrying an Al Qaeda commander, who was killed in a drone attack in Yemen (an attack that she narrowly escaped herself). Who authorized the drone strike? Heller, hence Margot's cuckoo-for-Cocoa Puffs plot to assassinate him and set off global chaos. The character of Margot, by the way, may have been partially inspired by Samantha Lewthwaite, a suspected terrorist dubbed the "White Widow" who's on the Interpol wanted list.

* Question: We now know what made Chloe vulnerable to joining Adrian Cross' group … but why did Cross recruit her? Chloe's a tech genius, sure, but is that Cross' only motivation in bringing her into Open Cell?

Now, share your feelings with the group, Bauer devoted: Mark Boudreau is clearly insecure where Jack's concerned, but did you think he was so insecure he'd sign — actually forge — a document that could send Jack to his death at the hands of the Russians? Do you think Margot's son-in-law is so freaked out about her plans that he'll try to stop her?

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