This Swedish Bachelor Party Will Have You Shaking Your Head

This Swedish Bachelor Party Will Have You Shaking Your Head

Oh, nothing to see here. Just a bunch of friends in Sweden throwing a bachelor party for the groom, complete with a panda costume, bonfire, and live chicken.

We are really not sure what series of events led to this 17-second clip. Alcohol? A dare? Swedish tradition? Your guess is as good as ours. The video first made its way on to YouTube May 31. It was titled, "Tommys svensexa med hönan," or Swedish for "Tommy's stag with a hen."

In the clip, a man presumably named Tommy is dressed in a panda costume. He spins around a stick, grabs a live chicken, and then walks through the bonfire. His leg immediately catches on fire, and he reacts by tossing the poor hen into the air. He then jumps into the river.

Tommy or "Tommy" probably survived. His friends, or "friends," definitely got a kick out of the whole ordeal.

YouTube removed the original video due to a violation of the website's terms of service. But on Sunday, another user uploaded the clip, and that post has since made its way to Reddit, where it has received hundreds of upvotes.

We can only imagine what the wedding reception will be like, but we wish the happy couple all the best.