Why George Clooney and Julia Roberts Don’t Have ‘Walk of Fame’ Stars

It is hard to believe, but George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Clint Eastwood do not have stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. A-listers who do have stars: Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and .... Big Bird.

According to The Associated Press (via Huffpo), the Walk of Fame application process requires a signed pledge from the honoree that he or she will attend the much-publicized handprint ceremony. "No pledge? No ceremony," writes the AP's Glenn Whipp. "Which is why Eastwood, Julia Roberts and George Clooney aren't among the 2,450 honorees lining Hollywood's sidewalks."

It's a long, long list, filled with big stars (Tom Cruise), big stars in our mom's mind (Michael Bolton) and fictional characters (Mickey Mouse.) The roster also includes every Beatle except for Paul McCartney, another A-list holdout.

"Stars like to make it a big deal," Hollywood Chamber of Commerce president Leron Gubler tells the AP. "That's the way they are. They get a little more bang for their buck out of it when they time it right."

What are you waiting for, Clooney? (The Cloon should definitely strike when the iron is extra-hot, like when he has three simultaneous Oscar contenders hitting theaters instead of just two.)

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