Nicole Richie Channels Jennifer Lopez For Halloween

This year's best celebrity Halloween costume award goes to Nicole Richie, hands down, for her spot-on send-up of Jennifer Lopez circa the diva's "Jenny From The Block" days.

Richie looked like the Real Thing in a pink, 2003-era Juicy sweatsuit, aviator sunglasses, big gold hoops, stiletto boots and glowing tan. As for her husband, Joel Madden, he appeared to be channeling Johnny Depp ... or gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson? A young Fidel Castro? Who can know for sure.

The parents got all dressed up for Kate Hudson's Halloween party; Richie's J-Lo getup no doubt wowed the jaded glitterati in attendance.

(After winning "best costume" at the K-Hud soiree, we imagine Richie made the crowd gasp by unzipping her Juicy ensemble to reveal a Britney costume underneath, subsequently busting moves that not even Britney herself can pull off anymore.)

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