Justin Bieber on Baby Mama Drama: ‘I Could Smell a Weasel’

Is it just us -- or has Justin Bieber been totally Zen throughout this paternity dispute scandal? Even David Letterman's riled up. The talk-show host talks smack with squeaky-clean singer on Wednesday's "Late Night," saying of alleged baby mama Mariah Yeater: "I could smell a weasel." Bieber agrees, responding, "I could smell a weasel, too." Check it:

Bieber, 17, took a DNA test last Friday to prove once and for all that he did not father 20-year-old Yeater's baby son. "They just swab your mouth," he tells Letterman, who confessed he was "so angry" over the salacious claims. "It's pretty crazy," Bieber says. "People make up false allegations. ... It's gonna happen, you know, being in the spotlight."

If Bieber is exonerated as baby daddy, then he reportedly plans to sue Yeater for being a liar liar pants on fire.

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