Jennifer Love Hewitt Hits ‘J. Edgar’ Red Carpet In Another Va-Va-Voom Bandage Dress

So we're going through photos from last night's AFI gala premiere for the Clint Eastwood-directed "J. Edgar," and we see Leonardo DiCaprio -- the star -- and some other fancypants celebrities, like Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts. Oh, and Armie Hammer! He's in the movie too. But wait: is that ... it can't be .... it is .... Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Not that Hollywood is a caste system separating A-listers from C-listers, but:

A) What is Hewitt doing there? (Unnecessarily mean sidenote: does she even KNOW Eastwood?)

B) What's with the endless parade of Herve Leger bandage dresses? (Unnecessarily mean sidenote: does J-Love wear ANYTHING ELSE? On the flip side: she looks fantastic, no doubt about that. She knows what looks good on her, and she bought it in 27 colors.)

The "Ghost Whisperer" actress and self-described love addict has been making the red-carpet rounds of late, flaunting her sexy figure and new boyfriend, aspiring actor Jarod Einsohn. (She brought him as her date to Thursday's "J. Edgar" event in Hollywood; last week, they both attended the premiere for "Like Crazy," a drama about first love.)

Hewitt's growing presence on the high-profile chi-chi party circuit could signal a new media strategy for the '90s pinup girl: perhaps she's looking to go A-listier through associating herself with such hotshots as Eastwood and DiCaprio. Or maybe she just wanted Armie Hammer's phone number.

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