Hey Girl, Would You Like A Bite Of This Ryan Gosling Pancake?

When The Famous saw how Chicago-based artist Katherine Kalnes could transform a pancake into Justin Bieber, we asked her to make a pancake portrait of Ryan Gosling exclusively for us. Behold the result! Kalnes, 25, created this work of art using a contraption called a "batter blaster," frosting, peanut butter and raisins. We would gobble it up, but we don't want to ruin the perfect, fluffy face of a man once praised by Orson Welles (via the popular Tumblr blog F-- Yeah! Ryan Gosling, of "Hey Girl" fame) as -- and we quote -- "the most awesomest, raddest, coolest dude since me." And swoon, he's a feminist, too.

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