Paz De La Huerta’s Talk Show Appearance This Morning Will Not Soon be Forgotten

Somehow, the Vh1 morning show "Vh1's Big Morning Buzz Live" managed to get "Boardwalk Empire" seductress and cult celeb/fashion/blog object of, um, extreme curiosity Paz De La Huerta on their show this morning, and it was, as Vh1's own Best Week Ever editor Michelle Collins called it, truly "epic."

The thing is, though, it would be really easy to speculate that Paz's unusual demeanor was due to substances, but I don't actually think so! When you pay attention to her words, they all make complete and total sense, she just says them VERY VERY SLOWLY. And quite seriously, for a live morning show on Vh1 (or really, any non-NPR talk show.) It's actually the contrast between the deliberate, affected, Lady Gaga-reminiscent Paz and perky, comic host Carrie Keagan that makes this interview so incredibly weird. Surely, every late night talk show booker in town is calling Paz's people after this:

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