The News Blooper Heard ‘Round the World: Vikki Vargas Says ‘Uhhhhhhhhhggggggahhhh’

Local news reporters who say things when they don't realize they're on air usually at least have the luxury of a few hours (or even days) before someone posts the video and the internet catches on. Not so for poor NBC4 Los Angeles's Vikki Vargas, who, when thrown to by the news's anchor to report live from the scene of the huge blackout in Southern California last night, responded with an almost impressively extended "Ugggghhhhhhhhhaaaaahhhhh."

"Vikki, you're live," said the anchor, and the fancily-dressed-for-a-blackout Vargas began reporting the story normally. But as she did so, like, hundreds of people who had left their TVs on after the Packers/Saints game were recording the video (with instant replay!) to put it up on YouTube. This was the best quality available at press time (complete with viewer commentary). Oh, Vikki. We all feel this way sometimes. If only this had happened on a normal night! (Blooper starts around the 18 second mark):