(Updated: Nevermind!): ‘Modern Family’ is Now TV’s #1 Scripted Show, Beating ‘Two and a Half Men’

[UPDATE: Oops, I shouldn't have trusted a ratings headline without some major fact-checking. Did you know you can do almost anything with ratings? Like, the Slap Chop infomercial is the #1 show in the history of television in some tiny, specific demographic. But turns out that in the demographic that is "Americans," "Two and a Half Men" is still beating "Modern Family," even though I was duped by a misleading report this morning that turned out to be about the 18-49 year old demographic during one week of the season. My bad. And yes, as a matter of fact, I do wish I hadn't been so triumphant about it. I will punish myself by watching the next three episodes of "Two and a Half Men." Thanks for the email, CBS.]

Good news for those (like Emmy voters, critics, and every person I happen to know) who prefer the well-written, fantastically-performed one-camera ensemble comedy "Modern Family" to the (still) predictable, offensively unfunny "Two and a Half Men": our many years of torture might be coming to a close! "Modern Family" has stolen the title of TV's #1 scripted show out of "Two and a Half Men"'s sweaty little hands.

TV by the Numbers reports...a bunch of complicated industry-speak about demographics and time-shifted viewing, but basically what it means is "Modern Family" is winning the fall season, and that part of the reason for that is DVR viewing.

"Two and a Half Men" on CBS has seen its ratings drop precipitously from its premiere, showing those highs could have been from the Kutcher curiosity factor. (However, "Men"'s ratings are still slightly higher this year with Kutcher than they were at this time last year with Charlie Sheen.) So the point is: it's not that fewer people are watching "Men," necessarily, it's that more are watching (and DVRing) "Modern Family."

As Americans, we can now hold our heads high: while "Modern Family" isn't necessarily the best show on TV, it is indisputably great. And really, anything is better than "Two and a Half Men." Congratulations, America!

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