If You Live in Brooklyn and Watch TV, This Commercial is the Bane of Your Existence Right Now

I had an entire in-person conversation with a group of friends recently about how this commercial for a Brooklyn condo development has ruined our TV-watching lives for the past month or so. A few lucky people hadn't seen it, so the rest of us, jealous, asked a few questions until we determined the reason (it had to do with cable provider). All of this is to fully make the point that, no joke, seriously, this three-pronged assault of a commercial is the absolute worst! Bad enough to make anyone feel lucky if they never have to see it again. And it's on during every commercial break!

When Best Week Ever posted it last night, their take was that the animation and animated characters were "abhorrent," which is 100% true. Vanessa and Steven clearly suck, and I even hate their dog. And please do not miss Vanessa's glasses-change giggle! But from the visual elements a person can look away! From the narrator with aurally-diagnosable severe depression, however, there is no escape. She narrates my nightmares: