Did You Notice the Viral Video Dancing Star on Last Night’s ‘The Good Wife’?

There was something familiar about Grace Florrick's new tutor Jennifer on "The Good Wife" last night, but I couldn't put my finger on it until, on the subway, she got up and started dancing all crazy, instructing Grace to film her. It was none other than Anne Marsen, the celebrated street dancer from the seen-by-millions "Girl Walk/All Day" video and subject of a spring New York Times Magazine profile about her unusual dancing style and unique rise to fame.

As TV dramas go, "The Good Wife" is probably the most in-tune with the internet (in fact, incorporating it into nearly every episode in a surprisingly sophisticated way), so it's no surprise that they'd nab Marsen first, even if her story arc seemed a teensy bit crammed-in. Here's the video of Anne's "Bollywood" subway dance.

From a comment Alicia makes toward the end of the episode about how she plans to "keep an eye on" Jennifer, we may be seeing more of Marsen on "The Good Wife." Which is cool, because in addition to being a great dancer, she's not a bad actor, either.