Conan O’Brien Officiates Same-Sex Wedding on Spectacular Last Show in New York

Last night's "Conan" was a doozy: after a week of shows at New York's Beacon Theater celebrating the first year of his new TBS show, O'Brien ended his New York trip with a parade of treats for fans (Louis C.K., Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and surprise audience appearances by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert!) and, most notably, the wedding of his longtime costume designer Scott Gornick and Scott's partner David Gorshein, which Conan himself legally officiated.

Despite the downright odd number of local TV stations touting the wedding as "pushing the envelope," as highlighted by Conan hilariously Wednesday night, it wasn't just a TV stunt: David and Scott, who have been together for years but were unable to marry in California, planned to get married in New York when Scott's job as costume designer on "Conan" brought him there on business. When Conan found out that plan, he volunteered to officiate. It's the first time a same-sex couple has married on American late-night television, but the focus wasn't on that pretty qualified historical distinction. It was on Scott and David's special day (well, with plenty of comic touches. It's "Conan," after all.)

Here's the wedding, which, if you're like this writer, you will find very touching. Particularly the vows ("Cameras or no cameras David, I'm here today and I'm yours forever"), and the faces of Scott and David's friends and family surrounding them (and if you enjoy Bravo shows, you might find "Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen's cameo exciting!):

"I hope everyone in the world can be lucky enough to have what we share." Mazel Tov, Scott and David!

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