Superhumanoids: Picturing Exhibitionists

An intriguing LA combo with a rather memorable name, Superhumanoids play a subtle, groove-oriented sound that is hallmarked by interesting arrangements and, without exception, very memorable material.

Consisting of Sarah Chernoff, Cameron Parkins and Max St. John, the band has been together since 2010. While a few distinctive EPs have emerged, and a wealth of positive reviews, it’s safe to say that the band’s upcoming album—titled Exhibitionists and due from the Innovative Leisure label on June 11th—will likely garner them the international attention they deserve. Solid songs, contextualized via an electro-pop feel that feels distinctly modern and non-retro, may be the major reason—but that they don’t especially sound like anyone else is no small matter, either.

An early morning session at the Y! Music studios at the South By Southwest convention was one of this year’s Austin highlights. The quiet, melodic nature of the songs leapt out clearly in that laidback context, and the charming simplicity of their instrumental set-up—devices that could be carried in small suitcases—only added to their appeal. Currently on the road, and waiting to unleash Exhibitionists, Superhumanoids are a band very much worth watching out for. As you’ll see below.