See It First: Coldplay's 'Fix You' Gets Video Cover by Naturally 7

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The anticipation for Naturally 7's U.S. debut, Hidden in Plain Sight (Vox Maximus Vol. 1), scheduled to drop on Feb. 10, 2015, has been rapidly gaining momentum following the a cappella act's releases in the U.K., tour with Michael Bublé, and collaboration with Quincy Jones. The seven-man group has prepped a video for the set's first release, their in-demand cover of Coldplay's "Fix You," now available exclusively on Yahoo Music.

Naturally 7 decided to cover "Fix You" after meeting Coldplay in London, frontman Roger Thomas recently told Yahoo Music. "We've had a real nice relationship with Coldplay over the last few years," he explained. "We were doing a show in London, just at a small club, actually. And the owner said, 'Chris Martin's coming down.' We were like, 'Oh, he comes often?' He was like, 'Nah, he's coming to see you guys.' The next day we spent with the whole band."

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While hanging out with Coldplay, Naturally 7 revealed their interest in remaking one of their records. "We mentioned to them that one of these days  because we're big fans  that we were going to do one of their songs," Thomas added. "We didn't know which song we were going to do at the time, and we decided to pick 'Fix You' just because of the lyrics, the emotion of the song. It's just a really, really powerful piece. We try not to choose a cover song unless we feel that we can bring something to it."

Naturally 7 admittedly felt a little nervous redoing this particular Colplay song. "We were a little fearful because the whole way that Coldplay does it is the build," Thomas said. "So you have that question in your mind: 'Can we do that with vocals alone?' We want to let people know that when you listen to that, we feel that we've been able to build that rhythm, build it up, bring the emotion. And with the video, we just brought a lot of situations that you can see that fixing is going on. People are being made whole."

Clearly, Naturally 7 had no need to worry. They did the song justice, and we can't imagine Coldplay not appreciating the message of hope Naturally 7 conveys in the clip.

Watch the video for Colplay's original version of "Fix You," from their 2005 album X&Y:

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