Flosstradamus On Tumblr, Festival Season, and Their Favorite Memes

For more than eight years, hip-hop/EDM duo partners Flosstradamus have been rulers of their personal Internet universe. Back in 2006, Josh Young (J2K) and Curt Cameruci (Autobot) planted their first online seeds via Myspace in 2006, where they watched their first streaming mixtapes explode into a global fan culture that today attracts bass cravers and social media addicts the world over.

Their Tumblr-powered homepage is an audiovisual collage of all that makes Flosstradamus and their fanbase (a.k.a. HDYBYZ and HDYGRLZ) tick  including vibrant show photography, hilarious photo manipulations, and plenty of reblog-worthy memes.

With time slots at Mysteryland, HARD Summer, and Lollapalooza on the brink, Flosstradamus took the time to chat with Yahoo Music about their summer itinerary, what keeps them laughing on the Web; as well as their admiration for friend, collaborator, and fellow EDM funnyman Dillon Francis.

Yahoo Music: What were some of the first social media platforms you can remember being into?

Josh: I would say the first time I started doing anything like that was DeadJournal. I skipped LiveJournal and went straight to DeadJournal. And I think I went from that to Hot or Not. And then, naturally of course it went Friendster, Myspace, Facebook.

You got your start on Myspace back in the day. What was your favorite part about being stars of the pre-Facebook era?

Curt: Myspace was the first record label for us, kind of. We were able to put our music out, it was pre-Soundcloud and all that stuff, but we were able to give out our music for free and build a fanbase from that. This was way back in the day before anyone was really doing that type of stuff. We were putting out songs for free, mixtapes for free. All these people were putting their songs on their profile, and it spread like wildfire. For the time, the numbers weren’t as big as they are now. I would say they’re pretty equal to maybe now because the network wasn’t as big back then  but it definitely helped jumpstart Flosstradamus, that’s for sure.

What are your favorite Tumblr sources to find content to share, and what role does the platform play in your creative process?

Josh: Comedy-wise, there’s this Tumblr called Brown Cardigan and they always have the funniest memes and weird s---. Using Tumblr as sort of the foundation for our site is good as well for a social element, because people can share the photos; because it’s so easy for people to like and share. It’s not just an image that’s up on your site, but something that can spread virally and make its way around the Internet to grow your fanbase.

You guys are heavy meme-users. Which meme character is your favorite of them all?

Curt: My favorite meme is Stoner Stanley. It’s the white dude who looks like he’s smoked 1000 bowls. It’s mostly hilarious ‘cause I can relate to it, but it’s hella funny. My favorite one is: “let me get two large medium pizzas.”

Of all the fellow artists out there, whose content has you cracking up every time?

Curt: I’m gonna give that to our dude Dillon Francis. We have the Internet in our way, and he has it cornered in his own way. It’s kinda cool to see how he uses the Internet to access his friends and he makes up these characters and puts them out on the Internet and all these kids love him and make T-shirts of him. I just like to see the way he uses the Internet to touch his fanbase. It’s really cool. It’s a little bit from a comedian standpoint as well as a musician standpoint.

Josh: I’m gonna give it up to Dillon as well. He’s so prolific  it’s constant. That’s something that’s very important on these social platforms: You have to have consistency. You have to be posting on the regular and it’s like he’s posting different memes everyday that are actually like, original... that are him, or something that he came up with. Definitely, Dillon Francis is holdin' it down.

Is there anything you can reveal about the big Dillstradamus performance [with Dillon Francis] at Mysteryland [May 23-26]?

Josh: We can say it’s gonna be the craziest show you’re gonna see at the festival and probably at any festival for a long time. We had a call about it yesterday, all three of us and we were just throwing out ideas and we were f---ing dying laughing. Basically anything that made us LOL is gonna actually happen in real life, but we’ll see if it translates to the crowd or if it’s something that we’re just laughing at. We’re gonna have fun with it, 'cause the whole theme behind Dillstradamus from the beginning is not taking it too seriously, and having a good time.

What are the gigs you're especially thrilled to play this coming festival season?

Curt: I’m especially thrilled to play Lollapalooza again. We played it before a long time ago, but it’s good to be back in our hometown of Chicago playing festivals. One reason is because we were banned from playing festivals in Chicago a few years ago [after a riot ensued at 2012's West Fest], and now we’re still doing it even though we were banned from it.


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